November 30, 2005

New D100 Series Announcement - Update




The most popular EFIS just got bigger and better with the new split-screen capable EFIS-D100. This package provides full-featured flight instruments, including attitude, airspeed, altimeter, VSI, gyro-stabilized magnetic heading, turn coordinator/ball, turn rate, clock/timer, G-meter, voltmeter plus an altitude encoder output and optional Angle of Attack.

Here is the large graphical engine monitor without the large price tag everyone's been waiting for. This instrument replaces 16 separate gauges and accommodates a wide variety of engines. The user-defined alarm ranges and limits automatically generate audible and visual alarms when exceeded. Other features include EGT peak detection, timers, user-specified alarm ranges, and an optional fuel computer. Engine probes additional.

FlightDEK represents a new breed of avionics that combines EFIS & engine monitor electronics into a single, compact glass cockpit instrument at an unprecedented low price. This powerful unit saves panel space and cost, simplifies installation and better affords a second EFIS for redundancy.Engine probes additional.

September 2, 2005

EFIS-D100 Now Shipping

Dynon began shipping its new EFIS-D100 on September 2, 2005. With a price only $200 over its most popular EFIS-D10A, the D100 received a most enthusiastic response. Orders came swiftly on opening day and have remained strong ever since, reports Ron Ulbrich Dynon's Marketing Director.
Dynon accelerated development by integrating the proven EFIS-D10A platform to a larger, high-resolution screen. Utilizing the time-tested EFIS-D10A platform is a big plus as the typical teething problems whenever bringing a new product to market were largely avoided.
Many previous and potential customers have expressed concern that the EFIS-D10A will be discontinued or dropped in light of the new D100. "Not so'" reports Ron Ulbrich, the order rate for the EFIS-D10A's have barely dropped from their previous levels and remain a strong contender for replacing the standard attitude instrument hole. They are also a perfect match for any new panel design wherever panel space is very limited or another backup is needed. Keeping the D10A and D100 platforms closely aligned was key to ensuring the success of the D100 and keeps the D10A past and future customers assured of continued support.