April 24, 2012

Aviation Data Advisory: KOAK Class C Airspace

Dynon Avionics has discovered an issue in the free FAA-provided US-only Aviation Data that can mislead the pilot into believing that the aircraft is not in KOAK's class C or SFO's class B airspace when, in fact, the pilot remains in KOAK's class C airspace.

For complete details, see the Aviation Data Advisory on the Dynon Avionics website.

April 18, 2012

SkyView Training Classes at Arlington Fly-in and AirVenture 2012

Dynon Avionics will be offering two additional series of classroom training in the operation of their SkyView system. In these classes current and prospective owners of SkyView systems will be working with real SkyView units, configuring them for various ground and flight operations.

The next series will be offered during the week of the Arlington Fly-in which runs from Wednesday 11th through Sunday 15th of July. Both morning and afternoon classes will be offered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of that week. All classes will be held at the Dynon Avionics headquarters in Woodinville, WA, about 45 minutes south of Arlington Airport by car. Attendees will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the Dynon offices, but the classes are offered free to anyone wishing to attend.

Another series of classes will be offered at AirVenture 2012. Morning classes only will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of AirVenture. Classes will be held in the Hilton Garden Inn at the northwest corner of the airport. To partially offset the cost of the conference room facilities, there is a cost of $30 per person. Attendees should contact AirVenture staff to learn about the availability of ground transportatiion to and from the vicinity of the Hilton Garden Inn.

For both series of classes, tickets must be obtained through “Brown Paper Tickets”, an on-line event ticketing service. For more information on both series of classes and to obtain tickets, go to:

Buy tickets for Dynon Avionics SkyView Training Classes

April 13, 2012

New SkyView 3.3 Video

The second in a new series of SkyView videos, this one focuses on the new features in SkyView version 3.3. You will be seeing many more videos over the next couple of months.

SkyView 3.3 Video

April 4, 2012

Dynon in Terrafugia

Dynon products are installed in the first and second prototypes and future production Terrafugia "street legal airplanes". This video from an auto show highlights the Terrafugia Transition(R) with a nice closeup of the SkyView display.