March 31, 2006

Dynon Begins Shipping the new FlightDEK-D180

Dynon Begins Shipping the new FlightDEK-D180

Dynon began shipping its new FlightDEK-D180 on March 31, 2006. This instrument combines EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) and EMS (Engine Monitoring System) instrumentation into one seamlessly integrated instrument. The high-resolution screen, split screen capability, and easy-to-use menu system all combine to provide pilots with a powerful instrument that replaces a major part of their panel. The D180 is ideal wherever panel space is limited or for those looking to add a second EFIS for redundancy.
The FlightDEK-D180 is the third in a series of new instruments introduced and shipped within the last six months. This latest instrument in the D100 series fits well with Dynon's mission of supplying "Affordable Glass Cockpit Avionics" to Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft.
Given Dynon's accelerated development activities, many are asking what other new products might be expected in the near future. "We have several projects underway that will enhance and add value to our existing products that will be announced shortly," reports Ron Ulbrich, Dynon's Marketing Director. Ron further reports that Dynon has a lot of great ideas and is already well on the way towards developing them.

Dynon Launches New Website - March 2006

Dynon Launches New Website

Dynon is pleased to be releasing our all new website. The site better portrays Dynon's rapidly expanding product line. The addition of the complete D100 series has more than doubled Dynon's line of affordable glass cockpits.
New features this site now offers are:
  • Improved menu/navigation system
  • Better support section
  • Improved product descriptions and capabilities
  • Segmented FAQ section
  • New customer instrument panels gallery
Dynon will continue to add more information and functionality throughout 2006. If you have any suggestions about our website, please feel free to contact us at