March 1, 2022

Dynon Announces FastTrack Line of Installation Products for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft Builders

Introducing FastTrack
Until now, builders had to decide where to locate each avionics module or component in their airplane, design custom brackets to mount each, fabricate those custom brackets, and finally attach the brackets and modules to the airplane. FastTrack dramatically simplifies these tasks.

The FastTrack product line introduces new module mounting tray kits, trays, and brackets specifically designed to receive SkyView modules and mount SkyView displays. FastTrack also includes a wide range of electrical harnesses and cables already available to Dynon customers. All these products are designed specifically to make the installer’s job faster and easier.

FastTrack Essentials packages, available in both VFR and IFR editions, accelerate installation even further. In a first for Dynon, customers can now buy pre-assembled packages that deliver FastTrack mounting trays, SkyView modules, and SkyView Network Cables already mounted and connected. 
FastTrack Essentials
FastTrack Essentials Packages are pre-assembled kits that provide homebuilders with many of the core modules every system requires in a single product. Included modules come mounted to a FastTrack Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit for SV-HDX1100, and most are already networked together with included SkyView Network cables and SkyView Network Hub.

The builder removes the FastTrack Essentials package from its box, fastens the assembly to the instrument panel with 4 rivets, and installs their SV-HDX1100 display by threading the 4 provided mounting screws into the provided nut plates. Building out a panel has never been easier.

FastTrack Essentials Packages are available in VFR and IFR editions. The VFR edition comes with the SV-EMS-220 EMS Module, SV-ADSB-472 ADS-B In Receiver, SV-NET-HUB SkyView Network Hub, SV-NET SkyView Network Cables, SkyView Display Harness, and the ADS-B Receiver Harness Kit. The IFR edition adds an SV-ARINC-429 module for IFR navigator connectivity. 
List prices for FastTrack Essentials packages are $1995 for the VFR edition
and $2565 for the IFR edition.
FastTrack Module Mounting Systems
A range of FastTrack Module Mounting Kits and Stacking Kits are available separately for builders that want to customize their build beyond the FastTrack Essentials packages.
FastTrack Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit for SV-HDX1100
The FastTrack Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit for SV-HDX1100 provides builders with a way to mount many of the commonly used SkyView electronic modules within the same space ahead of the instrument panel that used to hold conventional instruments. This ensures that the tray, along with the modules that mount to it, fit in many airframe designs. This location also puts the equipment close to the power distribution buses and the pitot-static plumbing, simplifying connectivity to aircraft systems. Maintenance access is also enhanced, with every module accessible through the display unit’s instrument panel opening when the display is removed.

The tray attaches to the instrument panel and is equipped with nut plates for mounting SkyView modules and components, including the SV-HDX1100 10” display. The kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware.

The Universal Module Mounting Tray has provisions for mounting the following modules and products: SV-ADAHRS-200, SV-EMS-220, SV-ARINC-429, SV-BAT-320, SV-ADSB-472, and SV-NET-HUB. To mount multiple SkyView Network Modules stacked as shown, installers can utilize two stacking kits, the EMS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit and/or the ADAHRS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit, depending on the desired configuration. 
The Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit’s list price is $95.
FastTrack COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Kit
The FastTrack COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Kit simplifies the installation of the SkyView remote mounted COM and Transponder transceivers into aircraft by locating these modules in a tray that can fasten to other avionics trays located in the panel radio stack. The central panel area is often reserved for rack mounted avionics, but even newer aircraft panels that do not have a dedicated “radio stack” area can benefit from a mounting tray that is designed to efficiently mount Dynon radio transceivers behind the panel.

When retrofitting a previous panel, this puts the SkyView COM and XPNDR in the same location as the previous rack-mounted versions, allowing the reuse of existing electrical wiring and antenna connections. 

The FastTrack Module Mounting Tray may be installed either upright or inverted, with module access provided via a customer-fabricated cover plate, or from underneath the instrument panel, depending upon the accessibility provided by surrounding equipment. 
The FastTrack COM/XPNDR Module Mounting Kit’s list price is $95.
FastTrack Module Mounting Tray for SV-HDX800
The Module Mounting Tray for the SV-HDX800 attaches the SkyView SV-HDX800 7” display. It includes nut plates for fastening the display’s back-up battery and one of the SkyView COM transceiver or the SkyView transponder. 

The FastTrack Module Mounting Tray for SV-HDX800’s list price is $95.
FastTrack Module Stacking Kits
FastTrack Module Stacking Kits complement the Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit for SV-HDX1100, allowing SV-ADAHRS-200/201, SV-EMS-220/221, and SV-ARINC-429 modules to be stacked together. These can be used in combination with the FastTrack Universal Module Mounting Tray Kit or anywhere else the builder has decided to mount these modules.
The EMS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit can be used to attach either an ADAHRS or an ARINC-429 module directly to the top of the EMS module, simplifying both new and retrofit installations.
The ADAHRS to ADAHRS/ARINC Module Stacking Kit can be used to attach an SV-ARINC-429 modules directly to the top of an SV-ADAHRS-200/201 module. It can also be used to mount two ADAHRS together on their own.
Both Module Stacking Kits have a list price of $39.
Yaw Damper and Transponder IDENT Buttons
A pair of new panel-mounted buttons join the existing Autopilot Level and Disconnect buttons. The new Autopilot Yaw Damper Button and Transponder IDENT Button are both backlit and designed to connect to dedicated SkyView inputs for activating their features. Buttons feature a 60" harness to support locating them anywhere on a typical instrument panel. 
The list price for each button is $49.