September 17, 2009

Dynon Avionics Stabilizes a Space Elevator

Well, of course, real space elevators are somewhere between many and infinite years away, depending on who you ask. But that's not stopping some enterprising folks from running The Space Elevator Games to help develop the concept and technology that are need to make them real. Sponsored in part by NASA, there's some decent cash awards up for grabs!

So how does a Dynon EFIS-D10A fit into all this? Well, the "space elevator" is simulated by hovering a helicopter at a fixed point in above the ground, with a steel cable tether playing the part of the elevator. Teams then build vehicles that can move payloads up and down the simulated "elevator". In order for this to work at all, the helicopter needs to be at a fixed point in space in order to keep the cable stationary. Enter the Dynon. With it's stabilized magnetic heading readout, the Dynon first allows the pilot to stay pointed in the the direction he desires. Next, with a GPS connected, he gets a wind vector on the EFIS display, helping him figure out which direction is the best one to be pointed in (into the wind). Next, the pilot programs a waypoint into an external GPS, but uses the Dynon's superior HSI display with its large CDI and bearing pointer to hit his mark. Here's a video of that process in action:

For more detailed information on the technical challenges and how the Dynon EFIS-D10A is employed, see the Space Elevator Games site.

September 1, 2009

Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies as New European Stocking Distributor

Dynon Avionics Announces Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies as New European Stocking Distributor

Woodinville, WA, USA, September 28, 2009 – Dynon Avionics is pleased to announce that Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies have been appointed our European Stocking Distributor.
By appointing a European Stocking Distributor, Dynon expects to improve its overall service for its European customers. Mendelssohn will carry a complete inventory of Dynon products at their Edinburgh, UK location, so that customers can expect quick, efficient order processing, shipment and support.
Robert Hamilton, Sales and Marketing Manager for Dynon, says “We did our homework, and asked European customers who they preferred to order from within Europe. Harry Mendelssohn’s name was consistently mentioned. He is well known in the home built market, and has technical knowledge to help our customers with their orders and support. We are excited to be working with Harry as our business grows in Europe.”
Home builders, aircraft manufacturers, and avionics shops can all take advantage of European inventory, ordering, and support by going to the Mendelssohn Pilot Supply Website at, or by calling at +44 131 447 7777. Mendelssohn will be selling directly to end-users, and also offer wholesale pricing for avionics dealers and aircraft manufacturers.
Harry Mendelssohn, MD of Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies says: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Dynon Avionics. Their affordable Glass Cockpit avionics and autopilot have been designed specifically for the LAA home builder/flexwing/3 axis/ULM Microlights. The Dynon Glass Cockpit range will enhance our traditional avionics. We can now offer a complete “custom” avionics package integrated with Dynon equipment. For years our EASA approved engineers have been manufacturing avionic panels and stacks to assist the home builder. We will now be able to supply the complete system ready for installation.” Harry continues – “In our opinion Dynon provides the best affordable glass cockpit avionics in the world. Their customer service is excellent and the specifications they offer with their equipment are superb. Many LAA/Home Built aircraft flying today are the envy of professional pilots – many who have said that the avionics in light aircraft is now more sophisticated than is currently fitted to many commercially operated aircraft. Now the home build enthusiast can have supplies, fabrication of panels and most importantly technical backup during the European working day”.
Founded in 2000, Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Continuing a tradition started with the introduction of their first Electronic Flight Information System “glass panel”, Dynon is committed to developing innovative and high-quality avionics at affordable prices for all pilots.
For more information about Dynon Avionics Inc., please contact Robert Hamilton, Sales and Marketing Manager, at 425-402-0433 or