October 20, 2015

New Video: Installing the Autopilot Servo Limiting Bracket

This second video in David Weber’s “Tech Tips” series will demonstrate the proper way to install the limiting bracket on Dynon Avionics autopilot servos.

The servo limiting bracket is a simple but critical safety device. Proper installation and orientation of this bracket will help ensure you have the safest and best-performing advanced autopilot available for your aircraft.

All Dynon training videos can be found at:  The Dynon Channel

New Video: Performing Network Configuration

One of the first steps after powering up up your SkyView system for the first time is to perform a network configuration.  That process is also necessary when new components are added to the network.

This video will demonstrate the network configuration process step-by-step.

All Dynon training videos can be found at:  The Dynon Channel

October 14, 2015

New Video: Map INFO Feature

Continuing the series on Map features in the SkyView system, this video on the Map INFO feature will demonstrate how to access all the information available for airports and other objects included in the Aviation database.  

A thorough understanding of SkyView’s Map features will demonstrate that you have all the information you need for VFR navigation at your fingertips on SkyView.

October 12, 2015

New Video: Map LAYERS Feature

This new video is the first in a short series to cover many of the features available on the moving map and VFR GPS navigator.  

The LAYERS feature allows the computer-generated moving map to be overlaid with several additional types of information:  Weather (requires the SV-ADSB-470 receiver) and Sectional, High- and Low-Altitude Enroute charts (require Chart Data subscription).

Did You Know? Dynon Autopilot: HDG vs TRK

Dynon’s Autopilot systems present two options for following a direction.  Those two modes are HDG and TRK.  Some pilots may be confused about the difference between these two autopilot control modes.
When HDG* or TRK modes are selected, the autopilot will follow the bug value selected by the pilot. This value is is indicated both by a digital value on the primary flight display and by the light blue bug icon located on the directional gyro.  However, the actual flight path of the aircraft will vary depending on which mode is selected.

October 9, 2015

New Video: Autopilot Servo Shear Screw Replacement

Many SkyView owners and installers have had questions about the process of replacing an autopilot servo shear screw.  In this first video in a new series titled “Tech Tips”, we are covering that topic in detail.

Presenting the “Tech Tips” video series is David Weber, Product Engineer with Dynon Avionics for the past six years.  David is a long-time private pilot, 3-year President of EAA Chapter 84 at Harvey Field in Snohomish, Washington, and builder and owner of an award-winning plans-built Sonex.  In this series David combines his grass-roots expertise in Experimental/Amateur-Built aviation with his insider knowledge of Dynon products to help make your build project as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible.

The link below will take you to the "Tech Tips" playlist on The Dynon Channel where you can view all videos in this series:

New Video Series: SkyView Autopilot - Expert Mode

Recently, we published the first 4 videos in a new series covering control of SkyView’s integrated autopilot using the Expert Mode menu system.  These first 4 videos introduce the Expert Mode menus and cover control of the lateral axis, including the HDG (Heading), TRK (Track) and NAV (Navigation/HSI) modes.

Several additional videos covering control in the pitch axis will be coming soon.  The pitch axis video topics will include:  capturing and holding altitude; altitude transitions; VNAV (Vertical Navigation) mode; and instrument approaches.

The link below will take you to the Expert Autopilot playlist on the Dynon Channel where you can view for all videos in the series: