September 26, 2022

SkyView 16.4 Software Now Available

The latest version of the SkyView system software for experimental and light sport aircraft is now available on the Dynon website for download. Please note that this version of the software is NOT approved for Dynon Certified installations.

If you have an S-LSA aircraft, your manufacture may have additional instructions, procedures, or restrictions that pertain to updating your aircraft's avionics software. Contact your S-LSA manufacturer for further information.
This software release contains mostly improvements and bug fixes. Two notable additions are:
  • Autopilot Lost Motion adds an adjustable configuration item that lets the autopilot take up "slack" in the controls.
  • AGL Map Info Item.
NEW - Third-Party Device Connection and Configuration Guide
This guide contains information on how to connect and configure third party devices to SkyView. These include radios, navigators, and other avionics that typically connect via RS-232 and ARINC-429. This information was previously in the SkyView System Installation Guide.
Updated: Autopilot Tuning Guide
The latest autopilot tuning guide incorporates updated tuning procedures. It also documents new parameters such as the Lost Motion Compensation feature introduced in SkyView software version 16.4.