March 27, 2014

SkyView Software 10 Released!

The first major portion of The New SkyView has been released: SkyView 10 software is now available for download for all SkyView systems.

March 25, 2014

SkyView Touch Video Demonstration

Learn how to use SkyView Touch and why how it was designed to work well in ALL flight conditions, especially turbulence...

March 19, 2014

Introducing The New SkyView - Featuring SkyView Touch

The New SkyView

Today Dynon is excited to announce a suite of new SkyView products: SkyView Touch™, new dedicated control panels, and SkyView 10 software, which brings over 30 new features and improvements. For complete information visit  and download The New SkyView brochure.

SkyView Touch™


Today, SkyView enters a whole new era: touch. But don't worry, this is touch the Dynon way: “Touch when you want it; Turbulence when you don’t.” What started as a grammatically challenged joke of a catch-phrase turned into the philosophy that we used to guide the design of SkyView Touch™. Although we all use touch-controlled products like smartphones and tablets in our daily lives, turbulence can quickly render a touch interface practically impossible to use. SkyView Touch solves this by using touch to augment and complement the physical buttons and joystick knobs rather than replacing them outright. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Elements like on-screen keyboards speed up entry of airport identifiers and the map zooms and pans just like you've experienced on every tablet you've used. Touch an airport for more information, or touch an airspace and the altitudes pop right up. Touch the altitude tape and the closest knob assigns itself to adjusting your altitude bug. Touch the transponder and up pops the transponder menu. The system retains Dynon's industry leading screens with incredible brightness and anti-glare properties, so there's nothing in the way of your flight on a bright, sunny day. The ability to automatically dim enough for even the darkest nights? That's still there too.

Not convinced? That's OK too. The non-touch D1000 is still available, and it isn't becoming a second-fiddle product. SkyView Touch is built on the same platform and runs the same software as non-touch products, so everyone will continue to get the same software updates in the future. 

To top it all off is the price: SkyView Touch™ is priced at $3995 (MSRP), only $395 above the non-touch 10” display. Touch displays are plug 'n play drop in replacements for existing SkyView installations. SkyView Touch begins shipping in April 2014, with updates to existing units starting a bit after.

Knob control panel


SkyView was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, which is why it has 8 "soft" keys and 2 re-assignable joystick knobs. In busy cockpits, sometimes all you want is a knob that "just works" and always does what you expect. The SV-KNOB-PANEL solves that issue with three knobs for the most used functions: Altimeter setting (BARO), Heading bug, and the Altitude bug. It has quality, heavy-detent knobs, with an automatically dimming backlight for night flight. It's incredibly easy to install with simple plug-n-play integration to the SkyView network with no aircraft wiring needed. The SV-KNOB-PANEL comes in Horizontal and Vertical versions beginning April 2014 for $250.

Autopilot control panel


In the same vein as the Knob control panel, the Autopilot control panel allows full control of the SkyView approach-capable autopilot without touching a single button on the SkyView screen. Just reach up, touch the mode you want, and sit back while SkyView takes the work out of your flying. Innovative features like the LEVEL button are always there for you no matter what else you are doing with SkyView. All buttons are backlit and feature sharp tactile feedback when pressed.

It doesn't stop there. The Autopilot module is also a full featured dual axis trim controller. It can manage your electric pitch and/or roll trim motors, replacing any relay decks you'd otherwise install in the airplane. It also has the ability to slow down the speed of trim as you fly faster so that your trim sensitivity is the same at all airspeeds ("speed scheduling" in jet-speak). More than a simple two speed controller, this feature is fully proportional across airspeed and can be easily adjusted right in the SkyView menus. 

Controlling trim in your aircraft is serious, and we take safety here to the next level. The trim controller works even if SkyView is offline, with redundant power inputs. Trim is protected from running away due to stuck buttons. The outputs are protected from shorts, and the pilot has priority over co-pilot inputs. 

Use of the trim controller is optional. Available in Horizontal and Vertical versions beginning April 2014 for $550.

SkyView Software 10

Dynon has been hard at work adding customer-requested features to SkyView, and this release has huge updates to the already full-featured SkyView set. As usual, software updates are completely free. SkyView 10 software is expected to be available for download late March 2014.

Enroute Charts (Sectionals and IFR HI/LO)


Last year Dynon partnered with Seattle Avionics to provide geo-referenced Airport Diagrams and approach charts at the industry-busting price of $99 per year. SkyView 10 adds the ability to display geo-referenced sectionals and IFR HI and LO charts as an alternate display on the map. Even better, this data is included in the $99 subscription you already have.

Flight plans are displayed on top of the charts, as are weather, traffic, and any terrain alerts. Elements like airspaces and airports can still be selected, and with touch, you can pinch, zoom, and pan  - smoothly and without stutter - to navigate your way anywhere.

The Six Pack


Been flying a Cessna 172 for the last 20 years and are more comfortable with the six-pack analog gauges than the tapes on an EFIS display? SkyView has your back. You can now choose a six-pack display on your EFIS, with or without Synthetic Vision in the background. Digital numbers in each gauge give you precision when you need it. The six-pack can be displayed next to the MAP and/or EMS at the same time.

IFR GPS Flight Plan Display + HSI Auto-Switching


Do you have an IFR certified GPS in your airplane but hate the small screen? SkyView can now display the whole flight plan from an IFR GPS right on the SkyView map, including arcs, holds, entries, and more.  The text flight plan is also displayed on SkyView in the flight planning page. 

SkyView will now also follow the CDI button on your navigator, switching between VLOC and GPS modes. If your navigator sequences automatically, SkyView will follow. No more pressing HSI SRC on the approach as you intercept the ILS or go missed!

Altitude Intercept Arc


Sometimes called the green banana (personally, we like the periwinkle plantain), this shows you where over the earth you will be when you arrive at your target altitude. It's great for planning arrivals at the end of your flight plan, or for making sure you will be above the airspace by the time you get to it. It's even better when paired with the Dynon autopilot, which can hold a vertical speed for you.

Vertical Speed Required


Want to know when you should start that descent from cruise altitude? SkyView can now tell you how many feet per minute you would need to descend at to end up at pattern altitude a mile away from the airport. Choose your descent rate, wait for VSR to show that number, and start down. The speed required even shows up on the vertical speed tape to make it easy to hit.

Dual Engine / Radial Support


Did your project end up a bit out of hand and now you have two engines on your plane? Do you have to turn your engine over a few times slowly before you start it to prevent the lower cylinders from flying off? SkyView is here to help.

SkyView 10 supports dual SV-EMS-220 or SV-EMS-221 modules. You can use these modules to support aircraft with twin engines, or you can use them to increase the number of thermocouples supported in the system up to 28, for total monitoring of EGT and CHT on 8 cylinder and larger engines. 

Track Line Time and Distance Display


From the "things requested on our user forum" file comes a simple line on the map that shows distance or estimated time. This is user programmable for how many miles out you want to see, how many minutes, or you can show both at once. It even moves over to the side when you are direct on course so it doesn't hide the course line!

Thanks to Luigi for the request -

ADS-B Traffic Tail Number Display


SkyView will now display the tail numbers for traffic targets below the target on the map. It's a fun way to keep an eye on your buddies, or to just making sure that you have the right plane on a traffic call-out. Tail number display requires a Dynon ADS-B receiver, and the target aircraft must be equipped with ADS-B out. Since the GA fleet hasn't really started equipping yet, you're going to see mostly other SkyView-equipped airplanes and airliners for now!

Airport Names in Nearest List + List Filtering


The Nearest list now has two new features. First, you can display the whole airport name as part of the list, instead of just the airport ID.

Thanks to Jchang for the idea! -

Second, you can filter the nearest list by runway type, length, and if whether it's a public airport. This way, you can see just airports you care about and shorten the list. In an emergency, just deselect the "FILTER" button and the list goes back to all airports.

New EMS Range Colors


You can now choose a variety of colors for your EMS ranges. No longer are you limited to just white, black, green, yellow, and red. The blue is particularly useful for low temperature ranges, or for indicating the state of water landing gear on amphibs. Add some color to your flying! 

Thanks to SkySailor for this suggestion -

ADS-B Winds Aloft


With a SkyView ADS-B receiver SkyView 10 can now display the nearest winds aloft. These are displayed on the weather tab for each airport and have the nearest wind report displayed. Great for choosing the optimal cruising altitude at your current location!

Audio Alerts for Retractable and Amphibious Landing Gear

We live in Seattle. People at Dynon own at least 3 floatplanes. We don't want to see you end up on your back. To combat this, SkyView can now call out "GEAR IS UP FOR WATER LANDING" or "GEAR IS DOWN FOR RUNWAY LANDING" as you approach your landing, just as a friendly reminder to check that gear state.

For those of you speed demons 
out there with retracts, we can remind you if your gear is up with a "CHECK GEAR" warning, and we also support warning for gear overspeed as well.

Even more!

We've spent thousands of hours crafting what we know you'll find is the best release of SkyView ever - We're excited to get it in your hands shortly. Visit us at Sun n' Fun, booths A-034, A-035, A-036! Learn more at

The New SkyView - Touch, Control Panels, Version 10 - March 2014

Dynon Avionics Announces The New SkyView™ Featuring SkyView Touch™

Woodinville, WA, 3/19/2014 — Dynon Avionics today unveiled The New SkyView™ integrated avionics system. The latest edition of Dynon’s flagship product includes SkyView Touch™, two new control panels, and dozens of new features in SkyView 10.0 software. Michael Schofield, Marketing Manager at Dynon Avionics, says: “The New SkyView™ is the most intuitive and capable avionics system available. We’ve focused on creating an incredible pilot interface with SkyView Touch™ and new dedicated control panels. From the simplest LSA to the most complex IFR aircraft, there’s a SkyView for every panel.”

Touch When You Want It. Turbulence When You Don’t.

Dynon's pilot-engineers designed SkyView to have a clean and intuitive interface so pilots can focus on the flying, not the technology. With SkyView Touch™, Dynon created an interface designed to complement - not replace - the physical controls on SkyView. SkyView Touch™ adds the convenience of touch when you want it but keeps a full set of buttons and joystick knobs for precise control in turbulence. Capacitive multi-touch technology allows natural actions such as two finger pinch-to-zoom on the map. Unlike most touch-based avionics and tablets, SkyView Touch preserves SkyView’s sunlight-readable and glare-rejecting screen.

SkyView Touch™ is priced at $3995 (MSRP), only $395 above the non-touch 10” display, and will be available in April. Dynon’s commitment to supporting product platforms for years means that existing SkyView customers don’t get left behind: every existing SkyView SV-D1000 display can be upgraded to touch for only $795.

Dedicated Control Panels

Complementing SkyView displays are the new SV-KNOB-PANEL and SV-AP-PANEL Control Panels, designed to minimize workload and provide the pilot the most intuitive and direct interface. The Knob Control Panel has dedicated controls for the most-frequently adjusted items - altitude bug, altimeter setting (baro), and heading/track bug. The Autopilot Control Panel provides single button activation of all autopilot modes, including LEVEL mode and flight director. It has a built-in, two-axis speed-sensitive trim controller. Both products are backlit, dimmed by SkyView, and available in horizontal and vertical versions.

The SV-KNOB-PANEL can be added to any SkyView system for $250 (MSRP). The SV-AP-PANEL can be added to any SkyView system for $550 (MSRP). Both will ship April.

“Six-Pack” Primary Flight Instrument Display

Pilots new to glass can transition with ease utilizing SkyView’s new “six-pack” primary flight instruments. Familiar round gauge depictions bridge the classic “retro” instruments with the state-of-the-art. Pilots can switch between six-pack and the modernized EFIS display instantaneously. Six-Pack mode is included in the upcoming free SkyView 10 software update.

Dual and Large Engine Support

Customers with two engines can now equip with dual EMS modules to monitor each engine independently. Two engine modules can also be used by pilots with larger engines to monitor all of their EGTs and CHTs, eliminating the need for them to choose which cylinders to monitor. Up to 28 total EGTs and CHTs can be monitored along with all other typical engine sensors.

VFR Sectionals and IFR En-route Charts

SkyView’s map gains geo-referenced VFR sectional charts and IFR Lo/Hi charts with SkyView 10 software. In another breakthrough pricing move, ALL US charts are available through a partnership with Seattle Avionics at no price increase from the existing procedure chart subscriptions. This means that $99 will buy customers a year of IFR/VFR procedure charts (plates), VFR sectionals, IFR Lo/Hi charts, and all FAA and Flight Guide airport diagrams. All products are geo-referenced. With US digital airport/aviation/obstacle data available free from Dynon’s website, there aren’t any added hidden database costs. SkyView customers in the US can have a completely paperless cockpit for under a hundred dollars a year.

Many More New Features
  • The New SkyView continues to add value for all SkyView customers with its biggest free software release yet. SkyView 10 software includes:
  • The ability to filter the nearest airport list by runway length, surface, and airport type
  • ADS-B winds aloft forecasts
  • Audible landing gear alerts based on aircraft configuration and airspeed
  • Airspeed-triggered ‘gear up for water’ / ‘gear down for land’ audible alerts for amphibious aircraft
  • Altitude Intercept Arc shows a cyan arc projected at the place on the map that the aircraft will intercept the altitude bug based on the current climb/descent rate
  • Flight plans from ARINC-429 IFR GPS navigators such as the GNS and GTN series can be displayed on SkyView’s map (including holds and other procedure turns) and SkyView’s flight plan display
  • Vertical Speed Required info item on the map and VSI tape gives the pilot quick insight about the descent rate needed to reach an adjustable point above/before the destination
  • Engine instruments can now be livened up with new color options, including blue, white, violet, cyan, and orange
 A new PDF brochure and more information about The New SkyView™ is available at
Founded in 2000, Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Continuing a tradition started with the introduction of their first Electronic Flight Information System “glass panel”, Dynon is committed to developing innovative and high-quality avionics that integrate the newest technology at affordable prices for all pilots. 

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