February 1, 2024

Dynon Certified Expands SkyView HDX Approval to Beech Baron 58 and 58A Models, Includes Three-Axis Autopilot

Beech Baron FAA Approved with Autopilot

Dynon Certified announces that its SkyView HDX system is now FAA approved for Beechcraft Baron 58 and 58A aircraft models. Dynon’s three-axis Autopilot is available as an option. When equipped, Dynon-equipped Baron aircraft benefit from a full-featured three-axis Autopilot system, including yaw damper, that is approach capable when paired with a compatible third-party IFR navigation device.

When added to a SkyView HDX system, pricing for a three-axis Autopilot starts at a list price of $11,192 for Baron aircraft, including all required brackets, hardware, and servo harnesses. Frequently chosen options include the SkyView Autopilot Control Panel ($664), which provides dedicated Autopilot controls for the pilot, and the Knob Control Panel ($335), which has dedicated knobs to adjust the values that pilots modify the most when they fly under Autopilot (altitude, heading/track, and altimeter setting).

Dynon Certified products, including this Autopilot approval, can be purchased and installed by any Dynon Authorized Installation Center. Alternatively, pilots can opt to buy Dynon Certified equipment directly from Dynon and have it installed by a qualified installer.

Additional Autopilot approvals are currently in progress for select Mooney M20 and Beechcraft Debonair 33 aircraft.

Electric Trim Control and Autopilot Auto-Trim Now Broadly Available for Dynon Autopilot-Equipped Aircraft

Trim motor control and Autopilot Auto-Trim is now available for most Dynon Certified Autopilot installations that have electric trim motors installed. Previously, this feature was restricted to a select few trim systems. With this announcement, that restriction is removed. Auto-Trim can be equipped in all Dynon Autopilot-equipped Cessna 182, Beech 35 series, Beech 36 series, Piper Seneca, and Beechcraft Baron 58 series aircraft.

Autopilot Auto-Trim allows SkyView to automatically trim the aircraft while the Autopilot is engaged, eliminating the need to manually adjust trim when flying under Autopilot. Auto-Trim additionally minimizes stick forces so that the Autopilot servos need only apply minimal force to the control surface to maneuver the aircraft. This lets the servo have maximum control authority over the control surface for best flying performance. It also ensures that the pilot assumes control of an in-trim aircraft when they disengage the Autopilot.

To enable Autopilot Auto-Trim, customers and installers and pilots should be aware of the following requirements:

  • The Dynon Autopilot must be installed.
  • An electric trim system must already be installed in the aircraft via original equipment, an existing STC, or other certification means. The SkyView STC is not grounds for installation of a trim motor.
  • The trim motor must be connected and configured in accordance with the Dynon Certified installation manuals. This requires the installation of the SV-AP-PANEL Autopilot Control Panel, which allows SkyView to send commands to the trim motor. It also requires the SV-AP-TRIMAMP Trim Motor Adapter, which allows SkyView to drive the high-current trim motors employed in type certificated aircraft. The SV-AP-TRIMAMP also adds a variety of features that independently enhance safety when flying under Autopilot Auto-Trim.

  • Additional Information

    All items in this announcement are now FAA approved and will be available in the coming days. For more information on all Dynon Certified products, visit www.dynoncertified.com