July 23, 2017

Introducing Dynon Certified

For years, pilots of certified aircraft have been forced to choose between maintaining their outdated, legacy instrumentation or upgrading their panel with expensive, piecemeal avionics upgrades. That changes now: The upcoming certification of Dynon’s flagship SkyView HDX system represents a breakthrough in the availability of affordable retrofit avionics solutions for type certificated aircraft.

John Torode, Dynon founder and CEO, says “For years, thousands of light sport and amateur-built aircraft pilots have benefited from Dynon’s intuitive, affordable, and safety-enhancing integrated avionics systems. We’re ready to bring the Dynon approach to the rest of the GA fleet.”

Dynon Certified systems are the first affordable, complete, integrated avionics packages designed to be installed in a wide variety of GA aircraft. With roots in light sport and experimental aircraft, Dynon products have already been installed in over 20,000 aircraft in hundreds of types, usually by amateur-builders. Dynon products are designed to install quickly and efficiently, minimizing the cost of modernizing aircraft panels.

SkyView HDX, Dynon’s flagship integrated avionics system, is coming to type certificated aircraft

The Dynon Certified line features SkyView HDX, Dynon’s flagship integrated avionics platform that replaces legacy equipment with a modern, affordable system. SkyView HDX can do it all: Primary Flight Display with Synthetic Vision and Angle-of-Attack; Autopilot; Engine Monitor with all EGTs/CHTs, Lean Assist, and Fuel Computer; Mapping with Flight Planning, ADS-B Traffic and Weather, and Electronic Flight Bag; Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out, Battery Backup and more. SkyView HDX’s bright touch screen works with ergonomic knobs and buttons to offer positive, intuitive controls in all flight conditions.

Dynon Certified: suitable for a broad range of aircraft and missions

Even early STC installations will encompass a range of light aircraft capability, from piston singles like the Cessna 172 to complex retractable twins like the Beechcraft B58 Baron. Dynon expects to continuously expand the approved model list (AML) to a broad range of type certificated aircraft.

Dynon Certified products: not just VFR

Installing SkyView HDX does not change aircraft certification basis or operating limitations. All primary flight instruments, including attitude, are fully IFR capable. The system also includes an independent backup EFIS. SkyView HDX is additionally compatible with popular IFR navigators like the Avidyne IFD series and the GTN/GNS series.

Dynon Certified Pricing and Availability

Dynon expects to receive STC and PMA approval for the Cessna 172 and Beechcraft B58 Baron shortly, with additional aircraft types to follow. Installation will be available through a Dynon direct installation center in the Seattle area, as well as through a network of approved installers. Pricing for Dynon Certified products will be the same as for the LSA/experimental versions, with affordable STCs priced separately. The cost of the equipment installed in the initial C172 is approximately $16,000. This complete SkyView HDX system includes Primary Flight Instruments, Engine Monitoring, Autopilot, Mode S Transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B Out, Mapping with Flight Planning, ADS-B In Traffic and Weather, Battery Backup, and more. It also includes redundant flight instruments via a Dynon EFIS-D10A. The initial C172 STC will be priced at $2000.

Additional Information

For more information, to sign up for updates, and to register interest in the STC for your aircraft type, visit www.dynon.aero/certified.