December 15, 2015

Dynon Holiday Closures

Dynon Avionics closes for business for a few days around Christmas and the New Year. Sales, shipping, and support services will not be available during this time. This year, we will be closed...

November 9, 2015

New Video: Updating the FAA Aviation and Obstacles Databases

Some pilots procrastinate updating their aviation and obstacles databases, perhaps because the process for doing updates is either unknown or seems too difficult.  But having the most update information easily at hand in the cockpit is one of best features of affordable modern avionics for small aircraft.

This video covers the entire process of downloading the free monthly FAA database updates from the Dynon website, and uploading those files to your SkyView system.  We show some minor variations in the download process dependent on the browser you use.  And we cover details such as understanding the seemingly cryptic file names, and how to write downloaded files directly to a target USB stick rather than hunting for the file somewhere on your computer’s hard drive.

October 20, 2015

New Video: Installing the Autopilot Servo Limiting Bracket

This second video in David Weber’s “Tech Tips” series will demonstrate the proper way to install the limiting bracket on Dynon Avionics autopilot servos.

The servo limiting bracket is a simple but critical safety device. Proper installation and orientation of this bracket will help ensure you have the safest and best-performing advanced autopilot available for your aircraft.

All Dynon training videos can be found at:  The Dynon Channel

New Video: Performing Network Configuration

One of the first steps after powering up up your SkyView system for the first time is to perform a network configuration.  That process is also necessary when new components are added to the network.

This video will demonstrate the network configuration process step-by-step.

All Dynon training videos can be found at:  The Dynon Channel

October 14, 2015

New Video: Map INFO Feature

Continuing the series on Map features in the SkyView system, this video on the Map INFO feature will demonstrate how to access all the information available for airports and other objects included in the Aviation database.  

A thorough understanding of SkyView’s Map features will demonstrate that you have all the information you need for VFR navigation at your fingertips on SkyView.

October 12, 2015

New Video: Map LAYERS Feature

This new video is the first in a short series to cover many of the features available on the moving map and VFR GPS navigator.  

The LAYERS feature allows the computer-generated moving map to be overlaid with several additional types of information:  Weather (requires the SV-ADSB-470 receiver) and Sectional, High- and Low-Altitude Enroute charts (require Chart Data subscription).

Did You Know? Dynon Autopilot: HDG vs TRK

Dynon’s Autopilot systems present two options for following a direction.  Those two modes are HDG and TRK.  Some pilots may be confused about the difference between these two autopilot control modes.
When HDG* or TRK modes are selected, the autopilot will follow the bug value selected by the pilot. This value is is indicated both by a digital value on the primary flight display and by the light blue bug icon located on the directional gyro.  However, the actual flight path of the aircraft will vary depending on which mode is selected.

October 9, 2015

New Video: Autopilot Servo Shear Screw Replacement

Many SkyView owners and installers have had questions about the process of replacing an autopilot servo shear screw.  In this first video in a new series titled “Tech Tips”, we are covering that topic in detail.

Presenting the “Tech Tips” video series is David Weber, Product Engineer with Dynon Avionics for the past six years.  David is a long-time private pilot, 3-year President of EAA Chapter 84 at Harvey Field in Snohomish, Washington, and builder and owner of an award-winning plans-built Sonex.  In this series David combines his grass-roots expertise in Experimental/Amateur-Built aviation with his insider knowledge of Dynon products to help make your build project as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible.

The link below will take you to the "Tech Tips" playlist on The Dynon Channel where you can view all videos in this series:

New Video Series: SkyView Autopilot - Expert Mode

Recently, we published the first 4 videos in a new series covering control of SkyView’s integrated autopilot using the Expert Mode menu system.  These first 4 videos introduce the Expert Mode menus and cover control of the lateral axis, including the HDG (Heading), TRK (Track) and NAV (Navigation/HSI) modes.

Several additional videos covering control in the pitch axis will be coming soon.  The pitch axis video topics will include:  capturing and holding altitude; altitude transitions; VNAV (Vertical Navigation) mode; and instrument approaches.

The link below will take you to the Expert Autopilot playlist on the Dynon Channel where you can view for all videos in the series:

August 28, 2015

SkyDemon and Dynon Bring Wi-Fi Connectivity to SkyView

Dynon Avionics and the SkyDemon are excited to extend SkyView’s Wi-Fi capabilities to the SkyDemon iOS and Android apps. Wi-Fi connectivity enables pilots to integrate their mobile flight planning via tablets with their cockpit avionics and autopilots. These features make flight planning and preparation much easier and more efficient for those who fly with SkyDemon and SkyView.

August 4, 2015

SkyView Software 13.0 Released

Dynon Avionics is excited to announce that SkyView software 13.0 software is now available for download. As always, a full list of changes is available, as well as always up-to-date documentation

July 20, 2015

Dynon Summer 2015 Product Announcements

Dynon Avionics announces a wave of new products and initiatives at AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, led by aviation’s most affordable 2020-compliant ADS-B Out solution.

  • Dynon announces the most affordable, 2020-compliant ADS-B solution for E-AB and LSA aircraft, featuring a 2020-compliant GPS for only $590.
  • Expanded AirVenture Oshkosh presence: Builder Central tent and outdoor aircraft exhibit space at AirVenture features on-site avionics transition training, technical support, and builder assistance.
  • Software updates for both SkyView and the AF-5000 bring new capabilities to both platforms.
  • The Dynon Builder Support Team guides homebuilders from “first dream to first flight” through increased education and training opportunities and new accessory parts to solve common builder challenges.
  • Advanced Quick Panels let builders “leave the panel to us”, providing turnkey instrument panels that are professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install.
  • Dynon D2 Pocket Panel available at a new list of $1095, with even lower sale pricing from dealers at AirVenture.


The new SV-GPS-2020 GPS Receiver/Antenna from Dynon lets new and existing SkyView and Advanced AF-5000 series customers add a 2020-compliant GPS position source for ADS-B Out for only $590. As a drop-in replacement for the existing SV-GPS-250 receiver, owners of existing systems do not need to run any additional wires, coax, or install any new boxes in their aircraft.


When combined with Dynon’s SV-XPNDR-261 Mode-S transponder, SkyView and Advanced Flight Systems customers meet all the transponder and ADS-B Out requirements for $2790. Pilots can also add the SV-ADSB-470 Traffic and Weather Receiver for the best-possible situational awareness in their aircraft. For more information, including a full set of frequently asked questions, visit the SV-GPS-2020 pageYou can find a downloadable PDF brochure for the SV-GPS-2020 here.


Dynon Avionics features an expanded exhibit at AirVenture Oshkosh 2015. The new space at Hangar D features the outdoor Dynon Builder Central tent, where pilots can visit with Dynon’s Builder Central Team for in person flight training, technical support, and builder advice. The outdoor exhibit also features aircraft built by Dynon Avionics and Advanced Flight Systems employees.


Dynon is the only company that boasts two fully featured avionics platforms for sport pilots. Both receive significant free software updates this summer.

SkyView 13.0 System Software debuts support for additional languages in SkyView. German and French language packs that transform SkyView’s on-screen interface will be free downloads from the Dynon website. SkyView 13.0 also brings support for additional en-route charts for customers outside of the US. At release, partners offering charts include PocketFMS (Europe), OzRunways (Australia / New Zealand) and AvPlan EFB (Australia / New Zealand). SkyView’s synthetic vision adds predictive terrain alerts that dynamically shade terrain in yellow or red based on the aircraft’s projected flight path. And pilots who fly behind the Rotax 912 iS powerplant gain useful new information, including throttle position, cold start assistance, and Eco/Power mode indications. SkyView 13.0 will be available shortly after Oshkosh.

SkyView 13.0 - Terrain Alerting plus Charts in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

SkyView 13.0 - Parlez vous Francais? (German language also available) French ICAO charts also shown.

Advanced Flight Systems’ new 12.0 system software for the AF-5000 series has Inset Windows that allow pilots to place small windows alongside their PFD displays. Available Inset Windows include Map, Traffic, Flight Plan, Profile View, G-Meter, and Video. Another feature enhancement is an improved flight planning interface that coordinates and integrates with the Avidyne IFD540 and IFD440 navigators. AF-5000 series products also gain support for Charts, Sectionals, Flight Guide Airport diagrams provided by Seattle Avionics for only $99/year. Finally, version 12.0 supports the Wi-Fi Adapter and flight plan transfer capability with ForeFlight Mobile. AF-5000 series 12.0 software is available now.

AF-5000 Profile / Flight Plan Inlays

AF-5000 Video/EMS Inlays
AF-5000 Series with Avidyne Flight Plan Integration and ForeFlight Flight Plan Transfer via Wi-Fi


Two complementary programs from Dynon provide the most complete avionics solutions possible for experimental aircraft homebuilders.

For homebuilders who revel in the details, the new Dynon Builder Support Team’s goal is to guide pilots from “first dream to first flight” by eliminating obstacles that builders face as they create their dream panel. Debuting at Oshkosh 2015 is the first wave of accessory products that complement their major avionics purchases. The first products to become available include an Autopilot Level Button, Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit, AOA/Pitot/Static Installation Kit, Panel Module Faceplate Blank, ADS-B Harness, Transponder Harness, and Transponder and ADS-B Antennas. 
Autopilot Level Button
Dual ADAHRS Mounting Kit
Pitot/Static/AOA Pneumatic Installation Kit

For those who would rather leave their whole panel to the experts, Dynon’s Advanced Flight Systems division offers the Quick Panel System. 

Each Quick Panel is a fully-engineered and integrated panel of avionics that is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install. Quick Panels include all switches and harnesses, which all connect through the exclusive Advanced Control Module. For more information visit


The Dynon Avionics D2 Pocket Panel is the only portable, self-contained EFIS designed for use in any aircraft. Built with the same solid state attitude technology as in other Dynon products, the D2 can be a life-saver for GA pilots faced with a vacuum pump or gyro failure that would normally result in a high workload “partial-panel” scenario.

The D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS will be available at AirVenture Oshkosh at the lowest price ever. With a list price of $1095, pilots can expect even better pricing from dealers at the show. Stocking dealers at AirVenture include Aircraft Spruce, Pacific Coast Avionics, and Gulf Coast Avionics. For more information about the D2 can be found at

June 3, 2015

Our condolences to the Sonex family

As you may have heard, the experimental airplane community lost two people yesterday from the Sonex Aircraft Company. I have worked closely with Jeremy Monnett through the Aircraft Kit Industry Association. He was a leader in the industry and a true gentleman. The thoughts and prayers from all of us in the Dynon family are with the Monnett and Clark families this morning. 

–Robert, President - Dynon Avionics

May 26, 2015

SkyView Wi-Fi Features Now Available to all ForeFlight Subscribers

In February 2015, Dynon Avionics and ForeFlight announced a partnership that allows SkyView-equipped aircraft to transfer flight plans to and from ForeFlight Mobile. Pilots can also send GPS and attitude information from SkyView to Foreflight.

At release, ForeFlight customers needed have a ForeFlight Mobile Pro subscription to use these features. Effective now (May 2015), these capabilities are being expanded to all versions of ForeFlight Mobile, including ForeFlight Mobile Basic. Pilots need only update to ForeFlight version 7.0.1 or later, which is already available via the App Store.

If you have any questions about how this change affects you, please contact ForeFlight at

April 28, 2015

SkyView Software 12.2 and SV-MAG-236 Remote Magnetometer Released

Dynon Avionics is excited to announce that SkyView software 12.2 software is now available. SkyView 12.2 features support for the new SV-MAG-236 magnetometer (available to order now), an update to its transponder software to support 2020 ADS-B rule compliance, and improvements to SkyView’s ADS-B weather and TFR display capabilities. As always, a full list of changes is available, as well as always up-to-date documentation.

April 21, 2015

Coming to Sun 'n Fun? Win Wi-Fi Adapters for your airplane!

If you'll be at Sun 'n Fun this week, be sure to visit the Dynon/Advanced booth for your chance to win Wi-Fi Adapters for your airplane. Wi-Fi can be used with both ForeFlight Mobile and PocketFMS EasyVFR to transfer flight plans between your mobile devices and SkyView or AF-5000 series avionics.

April 13, 2015

Dynon and PocketFMS bring EasyVFR Wi-Fi Connectivity to SkyView

Dynon Avionics and the PocketFMS Foundation are excited to extend SkyView’s new Wi-Fi capabilities to PocketFMS’ EasyVFR flight planning and moving map solution. EasyVFR is  available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, OS X and Windows 7 & 8. Wi-Fi connectivity enables pilots to integrate their mobile flight planning via tablets with their cockpit avionics and autopilots. These features make flight planning and preparation much easier and more efficient for those who fly with EasyVFR and SkyView.


April 10, 2015

Merlin's First Flight

Congratulations to Glasair Aviation on the successful first flight of their new Merlin LSA on Wednesday! Read More

April 8, 2015

New Lower Price for Dynon D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS

Dynon Avionics is excited to announce new lower pricing for its D2 Pocket Panel with Wi-Fi and G-Meter. Now all pilots can benefit from the D2’s life-saving backup attitude indication for a list price of only $1095. The D2 is available from Dynon dealers.

Dynon Avionics Announces New Remote Magnetometer for SkyView and SkyView 12.2 SkyView Software

Dynon Avionics is pleased to announce a new remote magnetometer for its SkyView system and also new software for SkyView - version 12.2. SkyView 12.2 features support for the new magnetometer, an update to its transponder software to support 2020 ADS-B rule compliance, and improvements to SkyView’s ADS-B weather and TFR display capabilities.

April 1, 2015

SkyView Training Class Final Episode Now Available

The final episode - part 6 - of our SkyView Video Training Class is now available. In this episode, Kirk covers SkyView's Flight Planning capabilities and some additional features:

All SkyView Training Class episodes can be found on The Dynon Channel.

March 25, 2015

SkyView Training Class Part 5 of 6 now Available

Episode 5 of our 6 part SkyView Video Training Class is now available. This part covers SkyView's Autopilot capabilities:

All SkyView Training Class episodes can be found on The Dynon Channel.

March 18, 2015

SkyView Training Class Part 4 of 6 now Available

Episode 4 of our 6 part SkyView Video Training Class is now available. This part covers Start-up & Taxi procedures, as well as the Primary Flight Display and Instruments:

All SkyView Training Class episodes can be found on The Dynon Channel.

March 11, 2015

SkyView Training Class Part 3 of 6 now Available

Episode 3 of our 6 part SkyView Video Training Class is now available. This part covers SkyView's moving map and navigation features:

All SkyView Training Class episodes can be found on The Dynon Channel.

February 17, 2015

Dynon Avionics and ForeFlight Connect via Wi-Fi

Recently, mobile flight planning and in-cockpit tablet connectivity have been two of the most-requested SkyView features. Today, we’re excited to announce that SkyView can now connect to ForeFlight Mobile via Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes flight planning and preparation easier and more efficient for those of you who fly with ForeFlight, and also allows your ForeFlight device to benefit from SkyView’s GPS position and attitude indication.

Seamless Flight Planning

Plan your flights at home using ForeFlight Mobile’s comprehensive flight planning features. Once at the airplane, save time by sending the planned route to your SkyView system via Wi-Fi. Flight plans sent from ForeFlight can be edited on SkyView and flown by the SkyView Autopilot. You can transfer updated flight plans between the devices at any time. 

Transfer Flight Plans between SkyView and ForeFlight Mobile

Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView and SkyView 12.0

SkyView to ForeFlight connectivity is enabled by a new Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView that is installed in any of SkyView’s USB ports. The Wi-Fi Adapter costs $35 and can be purchased from Dynon Avionics dealers or Dynon directly. One is required for each SkyView display installed in an aircraft, maintaining system redundancy. Once configured, ForeFlight connects to SkyView through a secure WPA2-protected Wi-Fi link.

Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView
Support for the Wi-Fi Adapter is already built into the recently-released SkyView 12.0 Software. In addition to Wi-Fi and ForeFlight connectivity, SkyView 12.0 has over 40 new features and improvements, including Autopilot Auto-Trim, OBS Mode, customizable aircraft icons, and a new optional in-air magnetic heading calibration.

WAAS GPS and SkyView Attitude for ForeFlight

Customers also benefit from SkyView’s built-in WAAS GPS, which can drive aircraft position in ForeFlight. This is great for those with Wi-Fi-only iPads, and provides an additional high-availability GPS source for GPS-equipped devices. When connected to SkyView, ForeFlight’s attitude indicator is driven by the same IFR-capable ADAHRS installed in every SkyView aircraft. This allows your ForeFlight attitude indication and Synthetic Vision display to show the same depiction for the best possible in-flight situational awareness.

Send SkyView's GPS Position and Attitude to ForeFlight

Getting Started

Wireless connectivity between Dynon SkyView and ForeFlight requires SkyView 12.0 Software, a Wi-Fi Adapter for each SkyView display, and a ForeFlight Mobile (basic and higher) subscription. Instructions for configuring and using these features are in the updated SkyView System Installation Guide and Pilot’s User Guide.

For additional information, visit the Dynon Avionics website and this ForeFlight "how to" page

Frequently-Asked Questions

Do I need more than one Wi-Fi Adapter in my airplane?
Each SkyView display in the aircraft must be equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter. If you have two displays, you need two adapters. A benefit of having two adapters is that it maintains system redundancy, just like our redundant data and power lines in the SkyView Network.

How Secure is the connection between ForeFlight and SkyView?
The link between SkyView and your iOS device is protected with secure, password-protected WPA2 encryption. This ensures that only iOS devices that you specifically authorize can communicate with your SkyView system.

Besides flight plans, what SkyView information is sent to ForeFlight?
As of ForeFlight 6.7, SkyView attitude and GPS information is used by ForeFlight Mobile.

What level ForeFlight Mobile subscription do I need?
You will need a ForeFlight Mobile (basic and higher) subscription in order to access the Wi-Fi connectivity with Dynon SkyView.

What do I need to connect SkyView to ForeFlight?

You’ll need:
  • A "Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView" for each SkyView screen you have installed
  • SkyView version 12.0 or later
  • ForeFlight Mobile (basic and higher) version 6.7 or later

Are other devices or apps supported?
At this time, SkyView’s Wi-Fi only works with ForeFlight Mobile on Apple iOS devices.

February 10, 2015

New South African RV

Our dealer in South Africa, Robin Coss, has just delivered their first custom-built RV to Namibia, Africa. This beautiful new RV-8 features a complete Dynon SkyView suite with dual screens, COM Radio, Intercom, and Autopilot.

January 21, 2015

SkyView 12.0 Released

Dynon Avionics is excited to announce that SkyView software 12 is now available. This update adds features most often requested by pilots, including Autopilot Auto-Trim,  OBS mode on the moving map, an optional in air magnetic calibration routine, and over 40 other features and improvements. SkyView 12 is available as a free downloadable update for all Dynon SkyView customers.

January 20, 2015

Watch the One Week Wonder flying at Sebring

Ride along with Roger Dubbert and AOPA's Paul Harrop as they take EAA's One Week Wonder Zenith CH 750 Cruzer aircraft around the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo.

For more facts and videos about the One Week Wonder, take a look at the Zenith Aircraft Builders and Flyers Blog

January 15, 2015

Dynon at the Sebring US Sport Aviation Expo

We're all about affordable flying and avionics, so naturally Dynon is exhibiting at the Light Sport and Affordable Aircraft Expo at Sebring, Florida this week. If you'll be there, we'd love to show you the latest that Dynon has to offer.

January 7, 2015

SkyView Training Class Part 2 now Available

The next episode of our continuing SkyView Video Training Class is now available. Part two covers most of SkyView's core features, as well as the menus and button presses you'll use while you fly:

All SkyView Training Class episodes can be found on The Dynon Channel.