December 15, 2016

Dynon December News: Holiday Closures, D2 Rebate, SV-HDX800 Shipping, Software Updates

It's been a wonderful 2016 here at Dynon. Thank you for being a part of it.  Here are some of the highlights from this year:

We came out with a few new displays, expanding our offerings to even more homebuilders and LSA pilots. SkyView HDX is an exciting new SkyView experience, while SkyView SE offers a simplified interface and an affordable route to 2020 ADS-B Out compliance. From our Advanced division, we shipped the AF-5700 EFIS display, which features a gorgeous 12" touchscreen. We now have - for the first time - products eligible for installation on type certificated aircraft with the EAA STC for the EFIS-D10A and EFIS-D100On top of that, we're shipping more ready-to-install Quick Panels than ever.

Please continue reading for information about our holiday closures, SV-HDX800 availability, our holiday D2 rebate, and a couple of minor software releases. 

All the best to you and your families this holiday season from all of us at Dynon and Advanced.

Holiday Office Closures
As a reminder, Dynon Avionics closes for business for a few days around Christmas and the New Year. Sales, shipping, and support services will not be available during this time. This year, we will be closed on the following dates: 
Friday, December 23
Monday, December 26
Tuesday, December 27
Wednesday, December 28 
Monday, Jan 2 
We'll be open Thursday, December 29th, and Friday, December 30th. Order today and we will ship before we close at the end of the day on December 22nd. 

We thank you for your business and look forward to reconnecting with you when we re-open. 
SV-HDX800 Displays Begin Shipping
We begin shipping the first SV-HDX800 7" displays this week. The new orderable part numbers are: 
Part No: 102865-000 
Description: SV-HDX800/A 7” SkyView HDX Display only (no harness)
(Includes SV-SYNVIS-280 Synthetic Vision, SV-MAP-270 Navigation Mapping)
Price: $3190

Part No: 101318-004 
Description: 7” SkyView HDX Display, bundle
(Includes SV-HDX800/A 7” SkyView HDX Display, SV-HARNESS-D37, SV-SYNVIS-280 Synthetic Vision, SV-MAP-270 Navigation Mapping)
Price: $3280

$100 Mail-in Rebate for D2 Pocket Panel

Need a stocking stuffer for your favorite pilot (maybe it's you)?

Through the end of the year, Dynon Avionics is offering a $100 holiday rebate on the D2 Pocket Panel.

Minor Software Updates for
SkyView and D1/D2 Pocket Panels
This week, we released a couple of minor software update for SkyView and the D1 & D2 pocket panels

The SkyView software update adds support for the newly-released SV-HDX800, fixes an issue with PocketFMS data on HDX, and adds support for OEM splash screens on SkyView HDX. There are no feature additions or any changes to SkyView SE systems. 

The D1 and D2 software update fixes an issue that could cause the device to not obtain a GPS fix. This only affected the internal GPS, and only in certain places in the world - namely Japan and Australia.  

November 17, 2016

The New Dynon Website!

This week, we're excited to launch a completely redesigned Dynon website.

With the recent introductions of SkyView SE, HDX, Quick Panels, and the EAA STC, Dynon offers a wider range of products and solutions than ever before. The new website is designed to showcase the entire line while helping guide pilots to the solution that is right for their aircraft.

November 3, 2016

October 31, 2016

10" SkyView HDX Displays now Shipping

No trick here. This Halloween, we have a treat....

Dynon is excited to announce the availability of 10" SkyView HDX displays.

July 25, 2016

Announcing SkyView HDX - The Premier SkyView Experience

Dynon Avionics - the market leaders in experimental and light sport avionics - today unveiled SkyView HDX - The Premier SkyView Experience.

Dynon and Advanced Oshkosh Product News and Updates

In addition to our new SkyView HDX system, we have updates to our products across the SkyView and AF-5000 series lines:

  • $500 Price Reduction on SkyView Touch, SkyView Classic, and AF-5000 Series: Mapping Now Included
  • New Advanced Remote Audio Panel with Dimensional Sound and Bluetooth Music Streaming
  • Upcoming SkyView v15 Software Preview
  • Advanced Flight Systems AF-5000 Series Graphics Updates

April 6, 2016

EFIS-D10A Now STC APPROVED for Type Certificated Aircraft

Dynon Avionics best-selling EFIS-D10A is now STC approved for installation in type certificated aircraft. 

April 5, 2016

New Video: Presenting SkyView SE - Product Introduction and a Brief Training Video

Dynon is excited to introduce the newest member of the SkyView family. Dynon's new SkyView SE system offers a streamlined and simplified experience for pilots of simple VFR aircraft. The SV-D600 7" and SV-D900 10" displays are priced hundreds of dollars lower than existing SkyView displays.

This video give a brief introduction to SkyView SE, including a summary of its capabilities.  The second half of the video is a very short training session on how to navigate SkyView SE's extremely simple menu system.

March 31, 2016

Introducing SkyView SE

Dynon is excited to introduce the newest member of the SkyView family. Dynon's new SkyView SE system offers a streamlined and simplified experience for pilots of simple VFR aircraft. The SV-D600 7" and SV-D900 10" displays are priced hundreds of dollars lower than existing SkyView displays.

New AF-5700 Display from Advanced

From Dynon’s Advanced Flight Systems division, the new AF-5700 display - featuring a new ADVANCED Touch interface - is the smallest form factor 12” EFIS available.

March 29, 2016

Update and Solution - SkyView 14.0 Technical Service Bulletin

We are excited to report that SkyView v14.1 is now available for download. It contains the fix for the issue that was the cause of the Technical Service Bulletin earlier this month.

February 25, 2016

Technical Service Bulletin - SkyView 14.0

Some Dynon Avionics pilots have experienced unresponsive SkyView displays in flight after their system has been upgraded to version 14.0. 

January 13, 2016

SV-GPS-2020 Now Shipping ; SkyView v14 Released

Dynon Avionics is excited to announce the availability of its 2020-compliant ADS-B Out position source - the SV-GPS-2020 GPS Receiver - as well as SkyView System Software version 14. In addition to support for the SV-GPS-2020, SkyView v14 includes over 30 new capabilities and improvements.