March 29, 2016

Update and Solution - SkyView 14.0 Technical Service Bulletin

We are excited to report that SkyView v14.1 is now available for download. It contains the fix for the issue that was the cause of the Technical Service Bulletin earlier this month.

Version 14.1 also has a few other small fixes and feature improvements that we found in that time period. The updated Technical Service Bulletin supersedes the previous one from earlier this month. It contains the definitive information on identifying whether you are affected or not. Please read it in its entirety if you are a SkyView owner.

We want to extend a special thanks and shout-out to all of you that downloaded the 14.0.X public test versions to help us drive this issue to root cause. Having any sort of a public beta or test version was new for us, and it worked out really well. All of the logs that you submitted helped us verify what was going on (which was, ultimately, a very subtle graphics drawing issue that was specific to certain hardware). Thank you from all of us here at Dynon!

Please read the full updated technical service bulletin for complete information about this issue.