March 31, 2016

New AF-5700 Display from Advanced

From Dynon’s Advanced Flight Systems division, the new AF-5700 display - featuring a new ADVANCED Touch interface - is the smallest form factor 12” EFIS available.
The new AF-5700 display combines the largest-in-class 12.1” screen with a minimized installation footprint. With its new ADVANCED Touch interface, the AF-5700 gives pilots the opportunity to install a large screen EFIS in an instrument panel that previously could not support one.

The AF-5700’s sleek form factor was designed to maximize space utilization, provide the largest amount of functional screen area possible, and minimize the panel space required. The large 12.1” screen allows for a larger display of information, more effective split-screen multi-tasking, and reduced information clutter.

The new ADVANCED Touch interface adds many options for data entry through touch keys and gestures, emphasizing the same philosophy of shallow menu structure found on all AF-5000 displays. The AF-5700 display is priced at $4800.

AF-5700 displays are expected to start shipping in April 2016.

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