November 14, 2012

New SkyView Hands-On Transition Training Classes Scheduled

These classes will be at the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, FL, in the Chateau Elan Hotel at the airport, January 17, 18 and 19.  The air-conditioned hotel conference room offers comfortable seating and a classroom-like environment with a full audio/visual presentation.  Classes are structured with limited seating to ensure no more than 2 students at each SkyView display.  We will hold two classes per day, a morning VFR focused course and an afternoon IFR focused course. The information covered in both classes is very similar, so please only sign up for one session.  

Instructing these classes will be Kirk Kleinholz, CFII and Sales Manager for Dynon Avionics. 

  - Sebring Airport in Florida

All Dates/Times: 
 - Thursday, 17 January 2012 
    - Morning VFR focus class 8:30a-12:00p  (REGISTER HERE)
    - Afternoon IFR focus class 1:00p-4:30p (REGISTER HERE)
 - Friday, 18 January 2012
    Morning VFR focus class 8:30a-12:00p  (REGISTER HERE)
    Afternoon IFR focus class 1:00p-4:30p (REGISTER HERE)
 - Saturday, 19 January 2012
    Morning VFR focus class 8:30a-12:00p  (REGISTER HERE)
    Afternoon IFR focus class 1:00p-4:30p (REGISTER HERE)

Cost/Space Available:
  - attendance is $25 for all attendees, and advanced reservations are   
  - class size is limited to 15 students, assuring hands-on practice for all, 
    with no more than 2 students sharing each SkyView display.  
  - Non-pilot partners are welcome to attend, although if the class is full they 
    may need to sit in the back.

Class Description:
This class will introduce pilots to most ground and in-flight operational features of the Dynon Avionics SkyView system.  In-depth discussion of installation and initial configuration of the system is not an objective of this class, though some of those concepts will be addressed where relevant. 

An additional objective of this class is to educate pilots about the process of transitioning from analog instrumentation to glass panel systems in a small GA aircraft. Including the cognitive differences of analog and digital/electronic instrumentation, cockpit resource management, etc.  

Attendees are responsible for their own transportation to/from the event. 

SkyView Class at Oshkosh 2012