August 4, 2015

SkyView Software 13.0 Released

Dynon Avionics is excited to announce that SkyView software 13.0 software is now available for download. As always, a full list of changes is available, as well as always up-to-date documentation

SkyView 13.0 System Software debuts support for additional languages in SkyView. German and French language packs that transform SkyView’s on-screen interface will be free downloads from the Dynon website. SkyView 13.0 also brings support for additional en-route charts for customers outside of the US. At release, partners offering charts include PocketFMS (Europe), OzRunways (Australia / New Zealand) and AvPlan EFB (Australia / New Zealand). SkyView’s synthetic vision adds predictive terrain alerts that dynamically shade terrain in yellow or red based on the aircraft’s projected flight path. And pilots who fly behind the Rotax 912 iS powerplant gain useful new information, including throttle position, cold start assistance, and Eco/Power mode indications. 

SkyView 13.0 - Terrain Alerting plus Charts in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

SkyView 13.0 - Parlez vous Francais? (German language also available) French ICAO charts also shown.