April 21, 2015

Coming to Sun 'n Fun? Win Wi-Fi Adapters for your airplane!

If you'll be at Sun 'n Fun this week, be sure to visit the Dynon/Advanced booth for your chance to win Wi-Fi Adapters for your airplane. Wi-Fi can be used with both ForeFlight Mobile and PocketFMS EasyVFR to transfer flight plans between your mobile devices and SkyView or AF-5000 series avionics.

Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView and AF-5000 Promotion

Tuesday through Saturday at Sun-N-Fun, Dynon and ForeFlight will randomly pick four customers to receive free Wi-Fi Adapters. All you need to do is sign-up with your phone number and/or email at either the ForeFlight or Dynon booths. Each day at 2:00p four winning names will be drawn.  Winners will be promptly notified by phone and/or E-mail.  If you win you must pick up your prize in person at the Dynon booth (A34, 35, 36, 37) before the end of Sunday. Both SkyView and AF-5000 series customers can enter to win.

Details / Conditions

One entry per person. One prize per person.

You must pick up your prize by the end of Sun-N-Fun at the Dynon booth. Prizes will not be mailed. Prizes unclaimed by the end of the show will be forfeited.