May 13, 2007

More Details on the HS34



The HS34 is a D10/D100 series optional expansion module that extends the HSI function already built into and displayed on Dynon’s D10, D100, and D180 EFISs. This panel-mounted device not only expands the HSI functionality but also enables several new features for the Dynon EFIS, EMS or FlightDEK instrument to which it is networked.The HS34 is available in vertical and horizontal panel mount configurations. 
The expansion module concept provides exceptional value and performance while preserving the affordability of Dynon’s existing equipment. This modular approach offers greater flexibility when configuring new aircraft panel systems and facilitates future expansion if so desired.
HS34 Horizontal Small

Expanded HSI Navigation Interface

While all of Dynon's EFIS instruments currently include HSI functionality, full compatibility with some GPS and NAV radios have been limited by the serial connection method.
The HS34 overcomes these restraints by adding ARINC-429 and serial interfaces to cover many popular radios. With the addition of an HS34 to an EFIS, full compatibility is now possible with radios such as the Garmin 430/530. This includes advanced features IFR pilots demand, such as CDI auto-scaling and full vertical guidance information from WAAS-enabled units. The HS34 effectively eliminates the need to install a conventional CDI/GS head.

Superior User Interface

The front panel provides dedicated controls and indicators that optimize the pilot’s control over the HSI. The controls are backlit to facilitate night flight conditions. Separate knobs are used for setting the Heading, the Course (OBS) or entering general purpose Values. Other controls include NAV and Bearing Source buttons that facilitate independent selection over each input. Pilots receive feedback of the currently selected navigation source type from separate GPS and NAV indicator lights.
d100 hs34

Expanded D10/D100 Series EFIS/EMS Capabilities

In addition to expanded HSI functionality, the HS34 also provides several powerful features to interconnected Dynon instruments that include:
  • Use of the Value knob for adjusting the EFIS barometer, bugs, and timers.
  • A built-in light level sensor to automatically adjust the LCD screen brightness
  • Synthetic voice alert messages available for input to an intercom
  • Additional EMS general purpose and contact inputs

Network Link to Dynon’s Instruments

The HS34 expansion module is network connected via the Dynon Smart Avionics Bus (DSAB). This two-wire connection not only simplifies wiring but extends individual module benefits to multiple interconnected Dynon instruments.

Price Includes

The HS34 is supplied with a mounting bracket and two mating connectors with pins.


1.639" wide x 4.903" high x 4.951" deep
(4.16 x 12.45 x 12.58 cm)
Panel Cutout
1.50" wide x 4.75" tall (3.81 x 12.07 cm)
Rear-mounted bracket (supplied with instrument)
12 oz (340 g)
10-30 Vdc, 3 watts
2 – DB25 connectors, mating connectors supplied
Operating Temperature
-30º C to 60º C
Storage Temperature
-30º C to 75º C
0-95% non-condensing
2 – Bidirectional RS-232 serial
2 – ARINC-429 receivers
1 – ARINC-429 transmitter
1 – Marker beacon receiver input
1 – DME input
6 – EMS general purpose inputs
4 – EMS contact inputs
1 – Dynon Smart Avionics Bus (DSAB) interface
1 – Audio output to intercom

Compatible Devices

The HS34 is compatible with NAV radios using the industry-standard ARINC-429 outputs. It's also compatible with Navigation GPSs with either ARINC-429 or RS-232 serial output streaming either NMEA-0183 or Aviation format. The HS34 requires that you have at least an EFIS-D10A, EFIS-D100 or FlightDEK-D180 installed in your plane.
Below is the list of devices that have been successfully tested with the HS34.

For CDI and Glideslope

  • Garmin SL30 NAV/COMM Radio
  • Garmin GNS 430 and 430W GPS/NAV/Comm
  • Garmin GNS 530 and 530W GPS/NAV/Comm

For CDI only

  • Garmin GPSMAP 196, 296, 396 496

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