September 13, 2007

Manufacturing Triples Capacity

Manufacturing Triples Capacity – Stock now on Shelf!

Sept 13, 2007

Dynon is pleased to announce that its backlog situation in 2007 is now greatly improved due to a tripling of its production capacity. Dynon now has all of its products available either from the shelf or within a few business days. The long lead times that came about quite unexpectedly in 2007 and stretched out to 12 weeks are now gone. Dynon will continue to press forward in production and not let up until it has one month reserves of all items on the shelf.
A growing backlog situation started at the end of December when a large storm brought down power lines. Demand continued to grow steadily in 2007 and so did the backlog.
In response, Dynon began a large scale expansion program that impacted all aspects of its manufacturing process. In addition to doubling the number of manufacturing personnel and training them, it also widened and strengthened its supply chain network. To accommodate the additional workers, Dynon tripled its factory floor space which allowed it to form optimized production lines, handle all the work in process and house the larger volume of product streaming in from suppliers. Another key element included designing new procedures and processes that increased the throughput of Dynon’s automated EFIS calibration chambers.
While implementation took longer than originally hoped for, the net results of tripling the production capacity as well as strengthening its supply chain have positioned Dynon for future growth. “We are very excited about what the manufacturing team has accomplished this year as it not only reinstates our reputation for rapid order fulfillment but also better positions us for new products we’ll be introducing in the near future,” claims Ron Ulbrich, Dynon’s Marketing Director.