July 23, 2009

Oshkosh 2009 - Dynon SkyView!

We now have a name for the (formerly known as) Next Generation family of Dynon products. At Airventure 2009 we'll be unveiling the Dynon SkyView!

It only took what seemed like endless sessions of forced pair voting (around the office), customer and pilot polls, and many "spirited" discussions. An interesting statistic is that once we came together on "SkyView", 11 out of 12 pilots preferred it to other leading names in blind comparison taste tests.

So if you'll be in Wisconsin next week, come see the current status of the new SkyView products for yourself! We hope to see you at Oshkosh, in Building D, Booths 4053 & 4054.

We have actual working hardware to give you an idea of what's coming...soon!

If you can't come see it in person, read all about it on our Website, where we have updated information including mechanical specifications. You can find the new information at www.DynonSkyView.com

Pricing is still TBD - we'll probably hold that close to the vest until we're closer to release.