May 14, 2010

SkyView 2.0 Update and SkyView Servo Harness Released

We've just released the latest SkyView firmware update! Hot on the heels of March's 1.5 update, 2.0 adds a few big features, including:
  • Autopilot
  • HSI (serial sources only for now; ARINC 429 converter coming this summer)
  • Obstacles to the trial map (USA only)
  • Even better failure handling
  • Wind Vector
Full update instructions and downloads available here.

Also, due to popular demand, Dynon now offers a Servo wiring kit for SkyView. This harness comes with everything you need to connect a servo to the SkyView network and power/ground, including an extra D9 to attach to the servo wires themselves. All of the D9 connectors are provided but not connected to the harness so that wires can be routed through tight spots. You will need a pin D-sub pin crimping tool like this as well. The SV-NET-SERVO harness is $55 and comes with 20' of Aircraft Grade Tefzel® Wiring, and is available from authorized Dynon Avionics dealers, by calling us at 425-402-0433, or via our downloadable price list/order form.