July 7, 2010

SkyView 2.5 Update Released

We're really excited to have SkyView version 2.5 available for download. Included in Version 2.5 are the following major features:

   1. A free preview trial of the upcoming Navigation Mapping Software
   2. Runways and Obstacles in Synthetic Vision
   3. Fuel Computer
   4. Lean Mode
   5. Timers
   6. Autopilot Pitch Axis Improvement
   7. User Waypoint Feature for Power Users

Free Trial Navigation Mapping Software: SkyView Version 2.5 adds a free trial preview version of the upcoming purchasable Navigation Mapping Software. It provides the ability to navigate “direct to” airports and aviation navaids. It also can display basic information about airports, runways, and navaids. Due to current aviation data availability, this feature is only available for US customers. The full version of the Navigation Mapping Software ($500, with a free trial period available) will be available for all customers later this year in version 3.0.

Runways and Obstacles in Synthetic Vision: Obstacles are shown at their actual heights, to make it apparent whether you will clear them on-screen. Runways are drawn to scale as well, so what you see out the window looks remarkably like the screen. Due to current aviation data availability, this feature is only available for US customers at the moment.

Fuel Computer: When equipped with an SV-EMS-220 module and the optional fuel flow sensor, SkyView 2.5 can display Fuel Remaining, Fuel Used, Time Remaining, Fuel Efficiency (mpg), Fuel at Waypoint, and Fuel Range (distance to empty).

Lean Mode: Whether you prefer rich or lean of peak, SkyView’s new Lean Mode can show you how many degrees cooler your EGTs are off of their peak temperatures to help you run your engine optimally.

Timers: When equipped with an SV-EMS-220 module, the Engine page can display a variety of new timers in addition to the existing Tach and Hobbs timers. These include: Engine Run Timer, Engine Trip Timer, Total Flight Timer, and Flight Trip Timer.

Autopilot Pitch Axis Improvements: Dynon continues to upgrade its autopilot to provide the best possible ride in every aircraft. In SkyView version 2.5, the pitch axis control algorithm receives substantial updates that improve just about every aspect of its performance. It sports improved altitude hold, better control in turbulence, and improved level offs after climbs and descents.

User Waypoint feature for Power Users: Since we snuck this in at the last minute, it's not in the user guides. But see http://wiki.dynonavionics.com/SkyView_User_Waypoints for details!

Full update instructions and downloads available here.