May 10, 2011

SkyView 3.1 Released

SkyView 3.1 is available. You may go to our Website and read about the changes, download the software, and purchase SV-MAP-270 (released with 3.0) if you wish.

The big new feature for this update is flight planning. You can create and manipulate flight plans with multiple waypoints right on your SkyView display. Or, use any computer-based flight planner that supports the GPX file format to create flight plans at home!

SkyView can be set up to provide turn anticipation between flight plan legs. When configured this way, SkyView starts its turn guidance in advance of a waypoint to fly a transition that doesn't overshoot the next leg.

For times that a flight plan isn't needed "direct-to" capability is still as easy to use as it has been in previous Navigation Mapping Software version.

Additionally, for our more technical customers, SkyView can now output EMS data out any of the 5 configurable RS-232 serial ports in the baud rate of your choosing. Support for more data (mapping and ADAHRS) will be coming in a future release.