September 21, 2011

SkyView 3.2 Released - September 2011


Woodinville, WA, September 21, 2011– Dynon Avionics has introduced Version 3.2 firmware for the SkyView Integrated Glass Panel system, making good on their ongoing promise to deliver customer-requested features to the industry-leading SkyView.  Version 3.2 is a free software upgrade for all existing SkyView owners and ships standard on all new systems.
Version 3.2 improves SkyView GPS mapping, enabling pilots to pan around the map to see detailed airport, airspace, and terrain information for areas away from the current aircraft location.  Airports, VORs, NDBs, Fixes, and arbitrary lat-lon locations can be easily added as direct-to and flight plan waypoints. 
Another common customer request has been for larger fonts on the 7" SkyView display.  The new SkyView firmware offers larger and improved fonts on both the 7" and 10" displays, along with other visual Primary Flight Display and Map graphical improvements.
SkyView 3.2 also adds serial NMEA data out, which can be connected to newer 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters to provide ELT GPS location.  
Fulfilling a previous announcement, Version 3.2 provides support for the Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker system, allowing pilots to monitor their entire electrical system on the SkyView display.  The SkyView VP-X support license is now available for $275.
Customers can download SkyView Version 3.2 for free from the Dynon Website.
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