August 21, 2012

SkyView 4.0 Released

August 21, 2012: SkyView 4.0 has been released! There are a few big things in this new version:

Most visible in Version 4.0 are improvements to the SkyView navigation mapping, with free base map data now available worldwide. The improved base map databases include towns, cities, roads, rivers, and railroads.  Airspace depiction is also greatly improved, with graphics that match the style and color of sectional type charts. European airspace details have been added to reflect all airspace categories. With the addition of this new data, SkyView now de-clutters objects and names to create a highly readable and detailed navigation map.

Seattle area with updated airspace and map depictions
Version 4.0 also enhances SkyView system redundancy with annunciation of network faults and ADAHRS inconsistencies.  All SkyView network cables have two sets of redundant data lines. Now, if a fault occurs on one data line it is annunciated on the SkyView display and all communications are automatically switched to the non-faulted data lines. Also, if an aircraft is equipped with two ADAHRS modules, and if the reported attitude or other information significantly differs between the two modules, then a warning is displayed to the pilot. The pilot can then cross check other instruments and disable the ADAHRS that is malfunctioning.

The SkyView autopilot received several ongoing improvements to enhance performance, and finally, SkyView version 4.0 includes support for the Rotax 912 iS, a new engine popular with LSA manufacturers. The new SV-EMS-221 Module, required for this feature, is also available now.  An SV-MAP-270 navigation mapping license is required to utilize the new basemap data.

        Customers can download SkyView Version 4.0 and the basemap databases for free from the Dynon SkyView downloads page