December 13, 2012

SkyView Version 5.0 with ADS-B Weather and Traffic Support


Woodinville, WA, December 13th, 2012 - Dynon Avionics has released Version 5.0 Software for the SkyView Integrated Glass Panel system, making good on their Oshkosh promise to deliver the SV-ADSB-470 UAT Band Traffic and Weather Receiver for the SkyView system this fall. Version 5.0 is a free upgrade for all existing SkyView owners.
Version 5.0, coupled with the SV-ADSB-470 UAT Band Traffic and Weather Receiver, adds the highly desired weather feature to SkyView for US customers. With 5.0, SkyView's moving map can display weather and TFRs in addition to the terrain, airspace and base map / cultural data it already provides, all while remaining clear and easy to understand thanks to SkyView smart map layering system. Weather can be displayed graphically and textually on SkyView, and includes NEXRAD radar, METARs, and TAFS.  Additionally, airport weather data can be selected based on nearest or by airport identifier. All information displayed is free, with no monthly subscriptions, based on the FAA’s ADS-B broadcast in the US.
Michael Schofield, Marketing Manager at Dynon, mentions “We’re excited to offer in-flight weather on SkyView. It is the number one feature asked for by our customers, who want fully integrated real-time data that is subscription free.”
SkyView 5.0 also adds ADS-B Traffic reception capability when the SV-ADSB-470 is combined with either of Dynon’s existing SV-XPNDR-26X Mode-S transponder modules. With this combination, SkyView users have access to reliable, accurate traffic. Nearby traffic threats can generate audio alerts to notify the pilot of possible collisions, even when the pilot us not actively looking at the display.  Note that because the FAA's ADS-B system requires the aircraft to be ADS-B OUT equipped before traffic information is provided, 5.0 includes a software update to the existing transponder which updates it to the TSO C166B that enables it to work with the latest implementation of the FAA's ADS-B system. This is important, as the transponder-based ADS-B Out transmission wakes up the ADS-B ground stations and causes them to send a traffic portrait that includes all known ADS-B targets around the SkyView-equipped aircraft. This update also makes the SV-XPNDR-261 the only transponder on the experimental market that will be able to be used to satisfy the FAA's "2020 ADS-B Out mandate" (the SV-XPNDR-262, because of its lower output power class rating, won't be able to be used for 2020 mandate compliance). This transponder update also has the added feature of automatic ALT/GND mode changes based on air data and GPS information.
The SkyView system also received several ongoing improvements to its current features. These inlclude a single display reversionary mode for multi-display systems, a new screen SWAP button which swaps entire contents of the displays, airspace depiction improvements, and a better fuel computer interface. For a full list of all the additions please see the SkyView User Manual available from the Dynon Website.
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