February 11, 2013

SkyView Display Service Bulletin - February 2013

SkyView Display Service Bulletin

Dynon Avionics has issued a Service Bulletin for SkyView displays, to cover a quality defect that we found in some shipped units. 
As a summary, Dynon Avionics has had some SkyView displays fail in the field. With an intense investigation along with good cooperation from a circuit board vendor, we traced a circuit board defect caused by a wash process not being done correctly. Over time, along with temperature changes and vibration, small contaminants can damage the circuit traces between the board layers. 
The time period that Dynon shipped displays with these boards is approximately mid-2010 to mid-2011, although not all displays shipped during that period are subject to the Service Bulletin. The Service Bulletin contains a process to determine for sure if you have one of the suspect circuit boards. 
Dynon is paying for the shipment of displays for repairs under this Service Bulletin, as well as applying a new three-year warranty starting on January 1, 2013 for displays that are affected by it.
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