October 31, 2013

SkyView System Technical Service Bulletin

Dynon Avionics has released a service bulletin and software update to fix a software vulnerability in SkyView version 7.0 software. This vulnerability is an extreme corner case and would be hard to encounter while flying. However, because this vulnerability can cause a SkyView display to stop responding, we have decided to release version 7.0.1 with an immediate fix.

The conditions that would cause this bug require ALL the following to be true:
  1. You are in the US, and,
  2. have an SV-ADSB-470 connected, and,
  3. are actively selecting a TFR with the Map Pointer, and,
  4. have re-enabled the display of airspace altitudes on the map (this display option is set to off in 7.0 by default with the new improved Map Pointer that provides more verbose airspace altitude information), but,
  5. are not currently seeing the airspace altitude overlaid on the TFR because you are zoomed too far out for it to be displayed within the TFR.

In a multiple display system, only the display being used with the Map Pointer will be affected when this bug is encountered. The remaining display(s) and system components continue to work normally. Also, the documented procedure of pressing buttons 1/2/5 simultaneously to restart SkyView will fully recover an affected display.

Please see the full service bulletin for a full description of this issue, and to see if this update applies to you. Though updating your software to 7.0.1 is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.