January 24, 2014

New SkyView Training Classes and Videos

I'm just back at my desk after attending the first aviation event of 2014, the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida. Attendance was brisk, the weather was sunny but unseasonably cold -- though many of you are scoffing at my mention of cold when temperatures were merely in the 40's! -- and enthusiasm for aviation was running high.

Now back at my post, I'm hard at work pursuing one of Dynon's New Year’s resolutions: that is, to continue expanding our offerings of training resources for our world-leading SkyView avionics system.

The video series is a particular focus of mine. We've already posted five new videos in the planned series, with many more on the way. We hope to post short 5-10 minute video segments featuring all the content from our half-day SkyView training classes. The videos are mostly in-flight segments, from your own pilot's perspective, describing not only the various SkyView features and how they work, but also illustrating the exact button presses and knob twists to get things working.

And speaking of our SkyView classes, we're again offering those throughout the year both at our headquarters in Woodinville, Washington, and at a few of the larger aviation events. Our next headquarter classes are Friday 07 February and Friday 21 March. Attendance at these local classes is free, and our staff can offer suggestions for hotel accommodations while you're in the Seattle area.

The next classes at an airshow event are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, 02-03 April, at Sun-N-Fun in Lakeland, Florida. Cost for those classes is $25 per person. For all our classes, attendance is limited to 15 people per class, and advanced registration on our website is required.

For those of you in the RV-12 community, we'll also be offering SkyView classes at an event in Sun River, Oregon in mid June. That event is being organized by Synergy Air. Contact Van's Aircraft or watch the RV-12 message boards for more information on that event.

Kirk Kleinholz
Sales Manager
Dynon Avionics