April 6, 2014

Report from Sun n Fun 2014

Sun n Fun is the unofficial start of the fly-in season and is the place where we often debut new products and features. This year, we had a lot to announce with the introduction of SkyView Touch and the other products that make up what we call The New SkyView.

Our week started with a small army of production SkyView Touch displays, SkyView Knob Control Panels, and Autopilot Control Panels to distribute across the show to demo...

"Mount" SkyView Touch 

We were able to show a lot of you The New SkyView this week, with demo panels at dealers like Aircraft Spruce, Gulf Coast Avionics, Pacific Coast Avionics, Aerotronics, Chief Aircraft, Sarasota Avionics, and Wicks Aircraft.

SkyView Touch at PCA

SkyView Touch at Chief Aircraft

SkyView Touch at Aircraft Spruce

SkyView Touch at GCA with GCA's Rick Garcia

Many of our LSA partners also featured SkyView Touch in their aircraft. At the show, you could find them in popular LSA aircraft like the Flight Design CTLS, Tecnam P2008, and even the just-announced Glasair Merlin

Tecnam P2008 Panel

Tecnam P2008

In their "What's new at Van's" forum, Gus from Van's announced that they are in the process of adding both SkyView Touch and the new control panels to their RV-12 avionics kit options.

Back at the booth, we had some new literature to help us tell the SkyView story. There's a new, comprehensive SkyView brochure, a new Panel Planner with real size cutouts of all panel-mounted products, and an updated pricing worksheet that includes all of the major items -  including harnesses - you need to build your SkyView Panel. All of these are available on our website.

New Literature

As for the rest of the week: Well, frankly, it was a blur. We especially loved hearing from existing customers that recently downloaded the new SkyView 10 Software (released in March!) and were delighted the new features like the six-pack flight display mode. You guys really put smiles on our faces. Thank you so much for your support!

Busy Booth!
If you didn't make it to the show yourself, check out the major features of SkyView Touch and The New SkyView in this AVweb video:

While many of us were off at the show, our production staff was pressing the go button on 
shipments of the Knob Control Panel and the Autopilot Control Panel. Both are now available for order!

What's next? Some of us are straight off to Aero Friedrichshafen to visit with to our European customers and enjoy a plate or few of spaetzle :). And SkyView Touch availability is just around the corner - with shipments set to start later this month!

SkyView Touch  is almost ready!