June 26, 2014

SkyView Touch Featured in the One Week Wonder

Dynon Avionics is excited to have Skyview Touch featured in the One Week Wonder aircraft being built this year at AirVenture 2014.

This year at Oshkosh, tens of thousands of attendees can share the building experience through the "One Week Wonder" project - assembling a SkyView Touch-equipped Zenith CH 750 kit aircraft during the seven-day convention.

The goal is to completely construct and taxi test the aircraft by the end of the week-long event beginning on July 28 and continuing through completion or the event's final day on August 3.

From this...
The One Week Wonder project will show thousands of people exactly how an airplane goes together from start to finish, with the Zenith kit arriving at Oshkosh just as any builder would receive it. In addition to watching the project take shape during the week, AirVenture attendees will be able to add their own "hands-on" moment in the construction project and sign the logbook as one of the builders.

...to this... in just one week!
In the One Week Wonder display area, which will be located near the EAA Welcome Center in the main crossroads of the AirVenture grounds, visitors will find interactive displays that highlight the aircraft construction process, the variety of aircraft available for builders. Visitors can also watch as the panel - fully outfitted with SkyView Touch - is integrated into the aircraft.

For more information about the One Week Wonder project visit the EAA website.