July 14, 2014

Dynon Technical Advisory: Paper Templates for SV-COM-PANEL, SV-KNOB-PANEL, SV-AP-PANEL, and SV-INTERCOM-2S


Some paper templates that were shipped with SV-COM-PANEL, SV-KNOB-PANEL, SV-AP-PANEL, and SV-INTERCOM-2S modules to facilitate panel cutting were not printed at the correct size. This issue was discovered and corrected in July 2014. 

Note that the numerical dimensions written on the templates ARE correct, but when the template is measured, you may find that the actual printing is not to scale.


  1. “Measure thrice, cut once”: ANY template used as a cutting guide should have at least one horizontal and one vertical measurement checked with a ruler or calipers to ensure it is sized printed correctly.
  2. If you have templates for the SV-COM-PANEL, SV-KNOB-PANEL, SV-AP-PANEL, or SV-INTERCOM-2S that are not correctly sized, you may download a PDF to print a replacement from http://docs.dynonavionics.com.
  3. When printing templates, make sure that “Page Scaling” is set to “None” (instructions here are for Acrobat Reader; other PDF viewers have similar settings).