August 11, 2014

SkyView Software 11 Released

We've just released the first part of the products we announced at AirVenture Oskhosh 2014. SkyView 11 software is now available for download for all SkyView systems.

SkyView 11 includes support for the 8.33 kHz COM Radio and Video Input Adapter for SkyView, both of which will begin shipping shortly. Other features include a wider field of view option for synthetic vision, BARO syncing to ADS-B weather, color-coded airports by weather status on the Map, Vne that can be expressed TAS instead of IAS, the ability to declutter airspaces that aren't a factor for your current altitude, and more

Additionally, we've updated all of the terrain databases available for SkyView. This includes all of the very low, low, and regional high resolution databases. Customers should update all 3. These updated databases feature general improvements overall, but one particular area where some may see a difference is in the depiction of water and land boundaries in low-lying areas. These databases do not require version 11 and can be used on all SkyView systems.

As always, updated documentation is available, with red-line versions that capture the changes since version 10. There’s a full set of release notes that detail every feature, improvement, and bug fix.