May 21, 2009

New Low-cost Glass Panels from Dynon!

Because some of you like to keep it simple, we're excited to announce our new, lower priced EFIS-D6 and EFIS-D60. The EFIS-D6 starts at $1600; the EFIS-D60 at $1900. To further sweeten the deal, the D6 price includes the popular remote compass, while the D60 includes a remote compass and the high brightness screen. They can be ordered now and will begin shipping on May 29th.

Based on our existing EFIS products and technology, these two new models trade some of the advanced features in our product line to get pricing to unheard of levels for glass. So while the EFIS-D6 and EFIS-D60 don't do Autopilot, HSI, and some other things (see the full comparison chart for details), they are both a COMPLETE "six pack" of primary flight instruments (and then some)! Options such as Angle of Attack, battery backup, and the altitude encoder converter are all still available with the D6/D60. The only non-supported option is OAT.

We've worked hard to make the EFIS-D6 and EFIS-D60 incredibly easy to install and use. If you've been afraid to "go glass" because the complexity of EFIS system overwhelm you, this is the perfect entry-level product for you.

Have a vacuum pump or attitude indicator that's on its way out? Consider replacing it with a COMPLETE set of primary flight instruments for about the same as it would cost to replace just your gyro!

Upgrades are available (for just $100 more than the original price difference) if you start with the EFIS-D6 or EFIS-D60 and later decide you want the added benefit of the full EFIS-D10A or EFIS-D100 feature-set.