May 21, 2009

New Low-cost Glass Panels from Dynon - May 2009

New Low-cost Glass Panels from Dynon

 For only $1,600, homebuilders can now install modern avionics at steam gauge prices.
Woodinville, WA, USA, May 28, 2009 - Dynon Avionics, Inc. today announced the release of two new EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) products. The EFIS-D6 and EFIS-D60 offer modern glass panel avionics at the low cost of only $1,600 and $1,900.  

Replace Your Steam Gauges

Because some like to keep it simple, Dynon now offers these basic, even more affordable versions of its best-selling primary flight displays.  Perfect for pilots that want to save panel weight, space, and installation time compared to a conventional six-pack. At only $1,600, the EFIS-D6 costs less than the traditional gauges it replaces.
The EFIS-D6 and EFIS-D60 are simpler versions of the well-proven 4” EFIS-D10A and 7” EFIS-D100.  The primary functions duplicate a traditional six-pack: airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn coordinator, gyro stabilized heading (DG), and vertical speed, while also adding a voltmeter and altitude encoder. Angle of Attack (AoA) and a battery backup may be added as options.  Both products include a remote compass, and the D60 includes Dynon’s high brightness screen.

Glass Panel Revolution

Over the past decade many aircraft builders have switched to glass panel displays because of their enhanced features, lighter weight and greater reliability. They then discovered that Dynon glass panels are easy to fly behind, and are not a hard transition from steam. The only remaining reason to keep steam gauges has been the increased cost of glass, but with the introduction of these new Dynon instruments even that has gone away.
At any time a customer may upgrade the D6 to a D10A or a D60 to a D100. After the upgrade, the customer will have access to the full feature set of the Dynon EFIS products, including a full HSI and glideslope with connectivity to GPS and NAV radios, autopilot, networking between Dynon EFIS and EMS products, heading and altitude bugs, checklists, data logging, clock, timers, OAT and GPS derived data, and altitude alerts.
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About Dynon Avionics

Founded in 2000, Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Continuing a tradition started with the introduction of their first Electronic Flight Information System glass panel, Dynon is committed to developing innovative and high-quality avionics at affordable prices for all pilots.  
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