March 20, 2012

SkyView 3.3 Released

SkyView Software Version 3.3 is now available for download.

SkyView 3.3 adds audio alerts and messaging, fully integrated user waypoint functions, and much more and highly configurable GPS waypoint information to the Moving Map window.

The Audio Out feature includes voice annunciation of engine, navigation, and autopilot alerts, augmenting the visual alerting and messaging already incorporated in the display. 

The new User Waypoint function allows the pilot to create, manipulate, and import/export user defined waypoints. User Waypoints now appear as an icon of the pilot's choosing, and like other airports or navaids they can be used in flight plans, as direct-to navigation waypoints, or can be used visually on the map page to help navigate.

Substantially more waypoint GPS information can now be displayed on the GPS navigation map, including items such as Bearing to Waypoint, Distance to Go, Distance to Waypoint, ETA, Ground Speed, and GPS Altitude. All of this additional GPS information can be selected and viewed by the pilot in flight.
The new Map Navigation features require that the SkyView System have a SV-MAP-270 software license.

A new hardware device for SkyView is also being introduced, the SV-NET-HUB. With five network ports, it allows easier connection between multiple SkyView modules. Typically mounted in the avionics bay, one port can connect to a SkyView display leaving four ports available for connection to the ADAHRS, EMS module, and autopilot servos.

Customers can download SkyView Version 3.3 for free from the Dynon Website at