March 26, 2012

SkyView Support for Rotax 912iS Announced - March 2012


March 26, 2012
Woodinville, WA – Dynon Avionics announces SkyView support for the new Rotax 912iS engine. Development of this capability has been underway for several months, with availability August 21, 2012
Support for the 912iS engine is via a new SV-EMS-221 module. The SV-EMS-221 receives many engine parameters directly from the 912iS engine computer through its new dual-channel CAN bus interface. Engine parameters available from the 912iS engine computer include RPM, manifold pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, EGT for all four cylinders, ECU voltage, and engine hours. All the other normal SkyView SV-engine functions are still available using the SV-EMS-221, such as fuel level, trim position, battery voltage, and contacts.
A 912iS-specific engine sensor kit that includes the engine wiring harness, a Kavlico fuel pressure sensor, and an amps shunt is also available. 
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