April 7, 2013

Dynon Completes the Panel

Dynon Avionics announces a SkyView COM Radio, Two-Place Stereo Intercom, and SkyView 6.0, which adds IFR capability and VFR Simplicity to its Autopilot

Our New Revolutionary Integrated SkyView COM Radio - the SV-COM-C25 -  will change the way pilots use their COM radio. The SV-COM-C25 is powerful, flexible, and designed to reduce the pilot's workload.

See the product brochure for more information. 

The SV-INTERCOM-2S offers audio panel features at half the price.Our new two-place stereo intercom solves the problem of having to choose between an under-featured intercom and an expensive audio panel. The SV-INTERCOM-2S has everything you need to connect EFIS systems, stereo music, and other audio devices in your panel.

See the product brochure for more information. 

New Expert IFR Capability or Streamlined VFR Simplicity. Your Choice. With SkyView 6.0, Dynon Avionics delivers a highly capable autopilot for expert pilots who fly IFR, as well as an alternate set of simplified controls for those who prefer VFR with out the learning curve.

Visit our product brochure for more information.