April 4, 2013

SkyView 6.0 Adds IFR Capability and VFR Simplicity To Autopilot


Woodinville, WA, April 8th, 2013 - With the upcoming SkyView 6.0 release, Dynon Avionics delivers a highly capable autopilot for expert pilots who fly IFR, and an alternate set of simplified controls for those who prefer VFR simplicity.
For the IFR pilot, SkyView's new autopilot features include VNAV, IAS Hold, mode sequencing, fully-coupled approaches, a Flight Director with single cue (v-bars) or dual cue (crosshairs) presentation, and more. These new features complete the system by building on existing modes such as heading hold, GPS ground track hold, altitude hold, and control wheel steering.
VFR pilots can cruise in comfort – without a steep learning curve – thanks to a new alternative set of simplified autopilot controls built into SkyView. This new feature streamlines the autopilot modes to those pilots use most: HSI+ALT for following navigation sources such as GPS flight plans, and TRK+ALT for flying in the direction and at the altitude you choose. Each of these modes activates with a single button press.
Simplified/Expert autopilot control selection is accomplished via a setup menu option so pilots can try both and see which works best for their flying style.
Dynon has also added a new LEVEL button that can be activated from the either SkyView’s menu or an external button. When pressed, the autopilot will immediately return the aircraft to straight and level flight. Pilots can also set a “minimums” alert to enhance situational awareness when flying an approach.
Michael Schofield, Dynon Marketing Manager, notes: "SkyView's latest autopilot upgrades allow expert IFR pilots to fly fully-coupled approaches and more. Meanwhile, VFR pilots in search of the hundred dollar hamburger can cruise in comfort with an alternative set of simplified autopilot controls. No matter your flying style, SkyView is built to let you Go Fly!”
SkyView 6.0 is available June 2013, as a FREE upgrade for existing SkyView customers.
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