March 21, 2013

Sonex and Waiex Autopilot Mounting Kits Now Available

Autopilot mounting kits designed for the Sonex and Waiex airframes are now available from Dynon Avionics. Like the kits already available for the RV series of aircraft, these mounting kits include custom brackets, hardware, airframe-specific installation instructions, and the servos required for the aircraft. These kits are compatible with both SkyView and the D10/D100 series systems from Dynon.

Sonex / Waiex Servo + Mounting Kit Packages are available for both roll and pitch. They are priced at $825 each. Kits can be ordered from Dynon Avionics directly and via Dynon Avionics dealers. Part numbers and additional information are available on Dynon's full price list/order form.