September 16, 2013

SkyView 7.0 Adds Charts, Airport Diagrams, other new features


Woodinville, WA, September 16th, 2013 - Dynon Avionics released its latest addition to SkyView’s Navigation tool box: Geo-Referenced Approach/Departure Charts and Airport Diagrams. Since releasing SkyView in 2009, Dynon has continuously improved SkyView’s mapping capabilities by listening to customers. With geo-referenced charts and airport diagrams, Dynon is able to offer experimental and LSA pilots a “paperless” cockpit.
SkyView’s new charting capabilities allow pilots to quickly find and display the procedures they need during flight, all while showing the aircraft’s position and track on the chart itself. With the touch of a button, SkyView automatically loads the available airport diagram while on the ground. Through a unique Dynon-subsidized program with Seattle Avionics, all available U.S. FAA charts, airport diagrams, and thousands of Flight Guide airport diagrams are available at an unprecedented price of $99 per year. There are no hidden costs and no separate VFR and IFR packages.
In the U.S., this release includes procedure charts: IFR departures, arrivals, approaches, Hot Spots, Land and Hold Short Operations, and supplemental text. Airport diagrams include both the official FAA diagrams as well as Flight Guide’s set of nearly 5,000 extremely detailed airport diagrams for virtually every public-use airport in the US.  They include locations and names for FBOs, fuel stations, and more, as well as runways and taxiways. Most charts and diagrams are geo-referenced, which allows SkyView to display the aircraft’s location superimposed on each chart. Detailed coverage information is available from Seattle Avionics – Dynon’s data partner for this feature.
Coverage outside of the US will not be initially available. However, Dynon continues to work on sourcing an affordable and comprehensive charting data solution for its international customers.
SkyView’s Moving Map also receives major enhancements in version 7.0. In addition to its current ability to pan the map for situational awareness, SkyView now provides instant information about airports, obstacles, navaids, waypoints, and airspaces, simply by pointing at them. When selected, items are highlighted on-screen and are accompanied by a useful data block that shows relevant information about the feature, all without any additional button pushing. This is particularly useful to highlight individual airspace segments in busy parts of the country that have multiple airspaces overlaid on top of each other.
Other features included in this release are built in count-up / count-down timers, as well as a fuel tank switch reminder that can be configured to alert on either elapsed time or fuel consumption. Air Route Traffic Control Center and Flight Service Station frequencies are now available from within SkyView (US FAA data only).
SkyView 7.0 is available September 2013, as a FREE upgrade for existing SkyView customers.
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