December 18, 2013

Behind the Panel: Dynon Products aren't that "Experimental"

Offering a product line for amatuer-builders and LSA aircraft allows us to deliver updates fairly frequently. These days, SkyView sees about 3 or 4 substantial feature updates a year - a pretty quick cycle for any product. But despite the fact that your aircraft may be “experimental”, we don’t think the avionics in your aircraft should be. There are a lot of things that happen “behind the panel” at Dynon to ensure you have the best-possible experience we can deliver...

  • The features that make it into our product are fully-backed by technical product requirements developed by a team of pilot-engineers, most of whom are homebuilders. This means that we cover the corners and scenarios that one might not think through when hacking out a feature to “get it to market” as quickly as possible.
  • With every product or software release, we update our installation and pilot’s user guides comprehensively. This may seem like a given, but it’s far from universal in our industry. Recently, we’ve also been publishing “red line” versions of our manuals that highlight the revisions that have occurred between versions of software.
  • Every software revision goes through a comprehensive test program. This includes weeks of automated testing, extensive simulation flights, in-flight “beta” testing, and formal regression testing. It’s actually the same sort of process you’d see in a fully-certified environment, but without the insane stack of certification paperwork and bureaucracy.
  • Hardware products are burned in and stressed, sometimes for days, before they ever reach you. We punish the products you buy so that no matter how harsh the environment you fly in, your avionics won’t care.

Though Dynon started as a hobby that went wild, we’ve grown into a “real company” that’s able move quickly, deliver quality, and delight our customers! If you’re one of them, thanks for allowing Dynon the opportunity to Go Fly™ with you!

Michael Schofield
Marketing Manager