December 4, 2013

European Chart Support Launches with SkyView 7.1 and PocketFMS

We're excited to announce the release of SkyView Version 7.1, which adds support for European charts. In addition to VFR and IFR procedure charts and airport diagrams, European chart subscriptions include the visual approach, landing, and area charts that European pilots need to navigate effectively near airports.

Our launch partner is PocketFMS, who already provides digital aviation (AeroData) databases for SkyView customers in Europe. Charts from PocketFMS are available to all customers with a full PocketFMS Frequent Flyer membership. Frequent Flyer membership costs €150 per year and includes AeroData, charts (including Pooleys for the UK), airport diagrams, and visual approach charts. This is only €31 more than the existing SkyView AeroData-only subscription (which remains available). Additionally, if you are a PocketFMS AeroData subscriber as of the release of European charts prior to Dec 2013, your account will be upgraded to a Frequent Flyer subscription for the duration of your existing subscription. Note that neither German DFS Visual Approach charts nor Swiss SkyGuide VFR Plates are included in this price, but they are available at additional cost.

Also, with European chart availability much less centralized than it is in the US, Dynon supports multiple European chart data vendors so customers can choose the solution that best works for their region. Seattle Avionics, already a US SkyView chart provider, expects to have their European charting solution available in the coming weeks. European ChartData subscriptions from Seattle Avionics will cost €199, and will also exclude German DFS charts.

SkyView 7.1 is available December 2013, as a FREE upgrade for existing SkyView customers.

You can grab the 7.1 software update here.

And information about purchasing chart subscriptions from one of our partner providers is available here (again, only PocketFMS for now, with Seattle Avionics support coming soon).