February 2, 2017

EAA STC Approved Model List (AML) Now Covers More Aircraft

Dynon's EFIS-D10A and EFIS-D100 can now be installed in more aircraft and as a backup attitude indicator.

If your aircraft wasn’t among the first wave of Cessna and Piper models approved for installation under EAA’s Dynon STC, we have great news: EAA just received an expanded Approved Model List (AML) from the FAA.

The aircraft models that may now have a Dynon EFIS installed are:

Beechcraft Bonanza / Debonair

Beechcraft Musketeer / Sundowner / Sierra
Beechcraft Skipper

Cessna 150/152 - Commuter / Commuter II / Aerobat

Cessna 170
Cessna 172 - Skyhawk
Cessna 175 - Skylark
Cessna 177 - Cardinal
Cessna 180/185
Cessna 182 - Skylane
Cessna 205 / 206 / 207
Cessna 210

Grumman AA-1/AA-5 - Yankee / Tiger

Piper PA-24 - Comanche

Piper PA-32 - Cherokee Six / Lance / Saratoga
Piper PA-28 - Cherokee / Warrior / Archer / Dakota
Piper PA-38 - Tomahawk

Mooney M20

Maule M-4/5/6/7/8 

To confirm that your particular aircraft model and type certificate is eligible, check the EAA STC Approved Model List.

EFIS-D10A  / EFIS-D100 Allowed as Backup Attitude Indicator

In addition to the updated AML, the STC’s instructions for continued airworthiness have been updated to clarify that the Dynon EFIS-D10A or EFIS-D100 may be used either as primary instrumentation or as a backup. This can allow pilots of aircraft where a specific primary attitude indicator is needed for other systems - such as autopilot - to still install a Dynon EFIS as a backup.

For more information on this and other installation scenarios, see the full list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Dynon website.