November 6, 2018

Dynon Certified - October 2018 Update

Complete SkyView HDX product line now available for Cessna 172 STC. Installation network expands.
The initial C172 STC approval already included most of the Dynon product line. Now, we have received FAA approval for the remaining product options.

The core SkyView HDX system for type certificated aircraft includes:
  • 10” SkyView HDX primary display with all required flight instruments, with integral moving map and VFR GPS Navigator
  • Separate self-contained EFIS-D10A back-up flight instrument

Additional Options Includes:
  • Second display (7” or 10” SkyView HDX display) - JUST APPROVED
  • Dynon COM Radio - JUST APPROVED
  • Dedicated Knob Control Panel - JUST APPROVED
  • Dedicated Autopilot Control Panel - JUST APPROVED
  • ADS-B Out/In
  • Autopilot
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Network Cables
  • IFR Connectivity Kit
As we build our installation network for Dynon Certified products, we are committed to some distinct goals for the program that we think you’ll appreciate: 1) a high quality installation, 2) an affordable installation, and 3) an excellent customer experience.

To that end, we are excited to announce the first expansion of Authorized Dynon Installation Centers .

These new Dynon Authorized Installation Centers grow the installation network to more locations across the US, with installation now available in Montana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Arizona . Adding to the existing installation centers in Texas and Alaska , more pilots than ever now have access to Dynon Certified equipment. Learn more about how to schedule your install at the Dynon Dynon Certified Website .
We realize that many of you are anxious for a Dynon Certified system, may not be near one of our initial installation centers, or may prefer not to wait for an available slot for installation. As an alternative path, aircraft owners may still purchase the Certified SkyView HDX system and the STC Authorization directly from Dynon and arrange for installation themselves at a qualified installer. 
Upcoming Aircraft Approvals
As we expand our STC’s approved model list, we are now publishing the aircraft that we project will be approved through mid next year. Note that some of these aircraft will have product elements approved in phases, and our plan continues into 2019 and beyond with even more aircraft. Next up: V35B Bonanza approval is expected soon.

Note that this is our projected schedule: The timeline of certification projects of any type with the FAA are beyond any company’s direct control.
Additional Information

For the latest information about Dynon Certified and our SkyView HDX system, visit our website at .