December 9, 2021

SkyView Software Version 16.2 Now Available


SkyView Software Version 16.2.4
Now Available
The latest version of the SkyView system software for experimental and light sport aircraft is now available on the Dynon website for download. Please note that this version of the software is NOT approved for Dynon Certified installations.

If you have an S-LSA aircraft, your manufacture may have additional instructions, procedures, or restrictions that pertain to updating your aircraft's avionics software. Contact your S-LSA manufacturer for further information.
What's New In Version 16.2?
This is a highlight of some of the features and additions to our SkyView v16.2.4 software update. Note, this is not a full list. For a full list of features, additions, and fixes please visit the software updates pages on our website.
Wireless Chart Transfer with Seattle Avionics Slingshot
Pilots can now wirelessly transfer charts to their avionics displays using the Slingshot capabilities in Seattle Avionics’ FlyQ EFB app. This offers pilots an alternative to the current method, which involves loading USB memory sticks on a PC and physically bringing them to the aircraft. Slingshot simplifies this utilizing the modern wi-fi capabilities in avionics and mobile devices. To use Slingshot, pilots load the iOS-based FlyQ efb app with the charts, plates, and airport diagrams as they normally do while using the app. When connected via wi-fi to a Dynon display, Slingshot can transfer that ChartData on board SkyView. Slingshot capability requires a Seattle Avionics ChartData and FlyQ subscription.

For more information on how to use FlyQ, read Seattle Avionics' latest newsletter, which has detailed "how to" instructions and a helpful video:
Improved SkyView Twin-Engine Monitoring Capabilities
With SkyView 16.2.4 software for experimental aircraft, we've added improvements to the system’s twin-engine monitoring capability.

This software release allows pilots of twin-engine aircraft to view both engines together on any engine monitoring display page. Previous versions required a separate SkyView display unit for each engine. This improvement enables dedicated twin-engine displays. It also allows any of the 50%, 20%, or bottom band EMS page views to contain instruments from both engines. These improved capabilities let pilots more easily monitor two engines in a single, compact location, minimizing workload when flying a more complex aircraft. This upgrade also includes new engine monitoring “widgets” that display both engines’ parameters on a single gauge.
Updated Pilot and Installation Guides
Visit the Dynon website for updated Guides for SkyView HDX, Classic, Touch, and SE. New versions of the Pilot's User Guide and Installation Manual are now available.