March 31, 2011

SkyView holds up during SnF power outage

As most of you know by now, we just had the worst weather ever experienced at SnF. First it was some nasty rain, then the sky got very very dark, power went out and "all hail" poured down, then the worst thing for an airport, the wind, I'm sure it hit 100 miles per hour but haven't heard the official report yet.

At hanger 'A' we Dynonians were working away when it hit. The sounds were incredible and it felt like the whole hanger was going to give. The hanger held and so did SkyView, our IFR demo panel equipped with the backup battery, was going strong. It was probably the only EFIS at the entire show that is still operational (even now) through the outage. It made me feel good since we spend the whole show telling people that the SkyView backup battery will keep the system going if power is lost in flight. Usually real life is the best way to prove yourself...

Even now as I write this (at 1:30), power is still out and we are waiting out the storm. I worry about those who were not protected as well in the hanger.