March 18, 2011

SkyView 3.0… the final build…

It is Thursday night and I just loaded the official SkyView 3.0 software onto the test unit on my desk. The final build is here, it is another exciting step for SkyView and the Dynon-nation. I’m finding that I’m addicted to just pushing buttons to play with the new map user interface and view the new data that is now displayed. The excitement resonating from our customers is evident too. Customers all over the world are clamoring to get navigation mapping for the first time with the addition of worldwide Jeppesen data. Our USA customers, who have been enjoying the free trial version of the map, can now expect a heck-of-a lot more map features and an elegant presentation, all on a nice big 10” screen.

Unfortunately, multi-leg flight planning didn’t make the date, but we have carved out a special release for that within weeks, not months, from now to ensure you are not kept waiting too long. There is also a clever g-meter we are anxious to hear feedback on. Our aerobatic beta testers sure liked it, and we think others will too.

But the highlight of my week (next to holding the final build in my hand) was hearing about a phone call we got from one of these excited customers that I referred to above. It went something like this: “Are you guys going to release 3.0 today?... because if you are, I'm going to take the day off from work and go fly my SkyView system”. Unfortunately, we had to send him to work for at least another week (I think he was able to cope with that). But that kind of energy is what we at Dynon love to hear; it makes our job fun. I am pumped about SkyView 3.0 and look forward to talking to users about it at the upcoming air shows.

So if any of you need to schedule some time to “work” on your airplane, you should probably carve out this coming Monday and give 3.0 a ride!

Hope to see many of you at SUN ‘n FUN