March 21, 2011

SkyView 3.0 Released - March 2011

Dynon Releases Version 3.0 Software 
for SkyView System

March 21, 2011
Woodinville, WA, March 21, 2011 –Dynon Avionics announces Version 3.0 firmware for the SkyView Integrated Glass Panel system. This release allows SkyView to utilize Jeppesen NavData® as part of its GPS navigation software. Other new features include greatly enhanced airport data viewable through an intuitive user interface, airspace altitudes, a larger HSI display, and a pilot selectable G-Meter.
As part of the agreement between Dynon and Jeppesen, Jeppesen is offering 50% off the regular annual subscription price for NavData® and obstacle data for Dynon customers until midnight MDT May 15, 2011 with promotion code DY50N011. That’s a savings of up to $265 (€204)!
Version 3.0 makes available SkyView SV-MAP-270 GPS Navigation Software for a one-time fee of $500.  Customers can use this software on their SkyView as a free trial for thirty flight hours. Robert Hamilton, Marketing Director for Dynon, says "The user interface for the SkyView mapping software is highly intuitive, making it quick and easy to navigate to an airport and find runway information, airport elevations, and frequencies for your arrival."

Other new customer requested SkyView feature are a larger HSI display, plus an amazing G-Meter that combines a large, classic analog display with advanced digital functionality.
Customers can download SkyView Version 3.0 for free from the Dynon Website.
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