March 1, 2011

Skyview VP-X Support Announced - March 2011


Woodinville, WA, USA, March 1, 2011 - Dynon Avionics announced they will be adding integrated support for the Vertical Power VP-X Pro and VP-X Sport electronic circuit breaker systems within their SkyView Glass Panel displays.
The VP-X system will enable pilots to monitor and control their entire electrical system using a SkyView display. The VP-X pilot display appears as a window along with the SkyView Engine Monitor, Primary Flight Display and GPS Moving Map. Pilots will be able to monitor the health of their electrical system, view and control the status of individual circuits, and respond to circuit faults using the SkyView display. Further, trim and flap position via the VP-X is displayed on the SkyView.
The VP-X Pro provides over 30 power circuits, including trim and flap circuits, to provide enough capacity to wire almost any two or four place experimental or light sport aircraft. The VP-X replaces older mechanical components with modern, solid-state technology to increase reliability, reduce weight, and simplify wiring.
Robert Hamilton, Director of Sales and Marketing for Dynon, stated: "Many SkyView customers are asking for VP-X support; it is one of our most highly requested features. We are excited to put this on our development schedule. We share Vertical Power's high quality standards and appreciate the innovations they are bringing to the experimental market with the VP-X."
“The VP-X offers a tremendous amount of capability at a very affordable price, and we’re excited to be working on this integration with Dynon,” said Marc Ausman, President of Vertical Power Inc. “The VP-X is based on the same field-proven technology used in hundreds of Vertical Power systems flying today.”
Dynon plans to license the VP-X SkyView application for $275, with availability by the end of 2011. Customers can configure and test the VP-X system using Vertical Power’s free Windows PC-based Configurator application.
For more information about the SkyView and VP-X system, please visit the Dynon Website at, or at the Vertical Power Website at
About Vertical Power
Vertical power is in the business of designing and producing Electronic Circuit Breakers for experimental and light sport aircraft. The company is applying advanced solid-state electronics to reduce wiring complexity, simplify wiring installation, reduce pilot workload, and enhance a pilot’s ability to respond to in-flight emergencies.
Vertical Power is the first company to develop Electronic Circuit Breakers for the non-certified aircraft market.  The company is based in Albuquerque, NM and sells its products directly to customers and through select dealers. Vertical Power was founded in June 2006. Eight patents have been filed covering Vertical Power products.
About Dynon Avionics
Founded in 2000, Dynon Avionics is the leading manufacturer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. Continuing a tradition started with the introduction of their first Electronic Flight Information System “glass panel”, Dynon is committed to developing innovative and high-quality avionics at affordable prices for all pilots.